I’m 12 and a Virgin but Have Pregnancy Symptoms

Kailey writes, “im super scared too! i think i may be pregnant and i am only 12!! me and my boyfriend have never had sex i am a virgin but i have every single symptom there can be!! we are both really scared and i cant tell my parents. theyd freak! we are gonna try to get me a test without my parents knowing but they are so expensive! i dont want an abortion and dont really like adoption and im freaked! if anyone can help PLEASE do!!”

Dear Kailey,

If you’ve never had sex (i.e. your boyfriend never put his penis in your vagina irregardless of whether he ejaculated sperm or not), then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Could you clarify what your symptoms are? Just respond by answering in the comments section below.

Cheer up!


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  1. Oh, girls! First off, those of you swearing and name-calling, what is that??? People, even on the internet, have feelings. The girl’s 12. Honestly, most people would NOT want these comments after having fear and pain abour this question. I’m 15, and have missed 2 periods. I’m a virgin, and I’m glad that my body isnjust doing wierd things, which some of the above comments convinced me. ;) Sweetie, don’t worry too much; go talk to your mom, or the pastor of a Christian church. And remember, you’re 12! Not near old enougj to have a boyfriend, etc. I’m 15, and I’ve NEVER had a boyfriend; but I can still feel loved. Jesus loves you. Keep up the hope!

  2. I have the same problem but as long as you haven’t had sex then you are fine.

    • First of all you must of got your pussy filled with sperm he knok you up into a fat chick ready to crick in 9 months lovely jubbly knocked up slutty bubbly knok up chick who took dick with no rubber

  3. Miss Hayley says:

    Hey Kailey. Now I totally understand why you may be worried that you’re pregnant. I’m 13 and I’m still a virgin but I have all symptoms. Now I looked it up and it is very rare to get pregnant without intercourse. Nearly impossible. But there is something called hysterical pregnancy/ false pregnancy. You will experience symptoms and maybe even grow a belly. You might come out positive if you take the test too! You also may feel as if after a certain amount of time that you’re having contractions. Though it’s not likely, that could be it. Although there is ways to put grow it. Usually people just have the full pregnancy experience minus the baby/fetus. You may even feel something moving. Hormones may trigger all the symptoms. Your brain will trick your body into thinking its pregnant, causing the symptoms to occur. However if you’re pregnant feel free to email me. I would love to talk. You may want to look up the false pregnancy thing. Good Luck!

    • Oh gosh . This puts my mind at a little bit of ease because my boyfriend and I were dry humping but he never ejaculated, but most of his precum was in his boxers. Then he had moved my panties to the side but The penis head never touched my vaginal entrance. But I believe I have an anxiety disorder, so I kept thinking I was pregnant He and I are both virgins . He kept telling me I am okay.


    Im 13, gets my period every month(still unstable started period at 11) sometimes i miss it because of stress and Im having puberty now. Im a virgin, I never had a boyfriend. I get naesous almost everyday, but usually when I ate too much or ate nothing. I get stomach pain easily and there is shit after it.
    Just to confirm, am i pregnant. Pls help

    • Anonymous says:

      You probably just get hungry or your stomach is full when you eat a lot, this most likely has nothing to do with being pregnant.

  5. Plz help I’m 13 and I have never really had a bf I’m still a virgin and my belly looks bloated and it looks pregnant I havnt had me period in 2 month but when I did have it it was my first ever time can someone help please asap

    • Listen if u never had sex your fine the bloated part is because your period is late and your period is late because your first couple are on and off at first but it eventually fixes itself along the way
      You will be perfectly fine sweetheart their is nothing to worry about

    • If u haven’t sex u should be fine when I first got my period I missed my second one but then it came back the next month after that

    • I am in the same position, but I’m 15 and I have had my period for 2 years now. I am still a virgin, never done anything. But I haven’t had my period in 3 months now and I’m scared. My stomach is getting bigger and I don’t know why. I have heard stress can cause it and that I have been A lot but if it’s that I don’t Know how to make go away.. Somebody plz help us… PLEASE

      • Lost5thgrader says:

        I am 11 and 28 weeks prenant. I am matured though I have the body of a 15 y/o I have told my mom but not my dad he would flip anyone plz help. The father knows and he will be in the baby’s life but I am scared I might die during the birth I don’t want a C-section though I want natural birth. I AM keeping the baby. (I don’t believe in abortion.) I am only in 5th grade my friend knows but no one else they have been asking why I am getting so big I just like and say “I like food, food is good.” Plz anyone help

  6. I’m having the same problems. I’m 13 I have a boyfriend, and ya We do make out and I do end up on top of him, but we NEVER end up with our clothes off. My boobs are sore, I’ve been throwing up and I have headaches and loss of appetite. I don’t know what to do. Is it possible that I’m pregnant?

  7. I feel you Kailey.. I’m 13, I’m a virgin.. but i have all the symptoms of early pregnancy.. I mean like, my usually flat stomach is growing.. ive missed 2 periods… (lie totally missed them) and my breasts are tnder/swollen… and i have sickness.. and i mean like really, it petrifies me because i know all of these facts as to how even thought it’s nearly impossible to get pregnant without intercourse, there is a bodily chemical reaction thing that could happen, therefore I’m scared too…I mean like…..

  8. What if have I taken a pill

  9. its called starting your period hun. period symptoms, pregnancy symptoms, and pre menopause symptoms are pretty much all the same. if youve never had sex and a guy has not ejaculated inside of you are cannot be pregnant. it doesnt work that way.

  10. I had sex with my boyfriend during my menstraul period, I took birth control pilss..but i am sacred of getting pregnant

  11. Krystal Saldana says:

    I am having every symptom of pregnancy and I never had sex I am still a virgen and I am scared plzzz help

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am 12 I’m a virgin and I think have all but one of the pregnancy symptoms. I have a boyfriend but haven’t told anyone I’m to scared I am what if I am!!! If I am I would keep the baby no matter what ever though I’m so young I have always wanted a baby WHEN I WAS OLDER!!! I’m so scared!!! ???

    • A worried girl says:

      I’m 12 and a virgin… But I masterbate…. Is there a chance that I might be pregnant?? I mean I have all the symptoms… But when I masterbate I usually cum a little bit then finish masterbating…Could I get pregnant by that??

  13. I’m 13 and a virgin, I’ve never had a boyfriend before and I am feeling movements in my stomach. I have not had my period in a month now and I don’t know what to do… :/ I’m really scared. Someone help please :c

  14. Your still young if your having pregnancy stuff and think your pregnant your not calm down your not pregnant it means your period is coming and your becoming a woman?

  15. Hi I’m Zoe and I’m also 12 years old. I have never had sex(heck I don’t have a boyfriend) but I don’t think I have had my period. I wonder if I am pregnant as well

  16. Sara Harnish says:

    Hi I’m Sara I have alot of symptoms to pregnancy but I really don’t want to give up my dream on being a famous trumpet player. Really scared and my friend said when she was pregnat you shouldn’t be playing stuff like that. Can someone please help me I really don’t want to quite my dream but I don’t want to give up on my child?!!

  17. Hello am 18 yrs of age I missed my period for two month now am still a virgin but my boyfriend ejacilatwd but my boyfriend ejaculated on my hand and having this strange body change am scared!!!

  18. Hello am 18yrs of age am a virgin but have missed my period for two month now aand also have ythis body change painful nipples. Though my my boyfriend ejaculated on my hand am scared pls help

  19. Christabel juma says:

    Hi am 21 virgin is it okey to be virgin up to that age? Or which is the right age to break it

  20. Alecia Smith says:

    Just have sex.This cures everything.

  21. Kaila faith says:

    I am pregnant?cause i have some symptoms but others are not pls..answer my question

  22. Margaret Angaya says:

    Hey? My good life to thank God. Only me not why cz my have husband with long like 7year not get pregnant why and try then when we there langata Mary hospital so dector go check up then dector say problem small block. But not know pls advice me

  23. Possibly Pregnant Girl says:

    Hi.I only want real answers and only real answers. I am a virgin but I missed a period (I have regular periods) and have every pregnancy symptom. Can somebody please tell me am I pregnant?

    • Anonymous says:

      The only way to find out is to do a test, if you have had sex then there’s a big chance you may be pregnant. You may just be experiencing period symptoms. Bloating, cramps, moodiness, etc.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m 13, I masturbate regularly, this morning I threw up spit and water. I had stomach cramps too, I don’t know if I am pregnant but I have many symptoms. I’ve never had sex.

  25. I am 12 I started my period and had it for 2 months in total but after that I skipped two months. I am nearing the end of this month and haven’t gotten my period yet but have had many symptoms related to pregnancy and periods Im so worried please help!

  26. I think I’m pregnant to but I’m a virgin. And I’m 12 and scared. I didn’t tell my mom but she thinks I’m paranoid. And my period is a day late. I was Checking google but pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are mostly the same so I’m not so paranoid anymore. So you’re not the only one!

  27. Adrian Close says:

    Hi my name is Adrian, Im 13, me and my boyfriend had sex the other night I have all of the pregnancy symptoms. We have tried to get tests without our parents knowing but it’s not working out… Help?

  28. I am 13 and ive Never had sex i am a virgin and ive never even ever kissed anyone but my stomach looks bloated and im wauting fir my period to make sure im not pregnant and im scared it wont come but my breasts are getting bigger and sore and i am eating mire than normal and i feel sick when i eat to much and i get nauseous someone pls help me.

  29. So I kinda wanted to try something I was in the bath and what I did it was where you put your vagina up and the water goes into your vagina and it felt so dam nice except I am scared I’m pregnant because I’ve had 7 out of 14 of the synptoms and I read that you can get pregnant by doing that I’m only 12 pls help me I’m scared to death I cry every night because of it and I did it three times but every time I go for a shower I want to do it again but I don’t help!!!😭

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