Age 14, Condom Broke, Took 2 Next Choice Pills

Nikki (age 14) writes, “I had sex a day after my period, this was on June 1st and the condom broke.
June 2nd: the condom broke again
June 3rd: my partner bought me Next Choice pill & so I took it.
June 5th: the condom broke again, he bought me another pill, and I took them again.

Im really scared of being pregnant & also because I took the pill twice, could that affect me?

Are the chances of being pregnant really high?


Dear Nikki,

Your chances of being pregnant are slim, though there is still a slight probability that you are pregnant. Since you took the Next Choice pill twice within a short time frame, you’ll probably find that your regular period is thrown off a bit. If I was you, I’d wait until your next expected period should have ended and then take a home pregnancy test just to make sure that you’re not pregnant. Most likely it will come back negative. Your period should resume the following month, though, sometimes, it can get thrown off for a couple months.

Best of luck,



  1. Well thank you so much for answering my question! That helped me a lot, I’m less worried now :)


  2. Just a suggestion–if you’re 14 years old and worried that you might be pregnant, it might be a good idea to hold of on having sex until you know for sure you’re not. Also–it’s unusual for condoms to break that often, so please make sure you’re putting them on properly. Don’t forget to squeeze the tip to prevent air from getting in before you role it down. Read the instructions and watch tutorials–and make your boyfriend as well.

  3. Angel Foulke says:

    At the age of 14..I honestly think you should be having sex.
    You being as young as you and if being pregant can you and your baby could be at many different risks. Hopefully your not pregant and you if are having sex this early maybe you should tell your parents to get you on birth control.

  4. hopefully your not pregoo,
    but this person on top of me saying that your too young to have sex,
    now this days alot of teenagers are getting pregnant.
    so i wishh the best of luck and if you are pregnant,
    make the right choice the way i look at it is

    .u were smart enough to open the legs, your smart enough to take care of a baby.

  5. well im having sex also and im 14 almost 15, can you tell if your pregnant by the way your tummy feels?

  6. in november it took the plan b pill n got my period for 3 day on novenber 26..its december 25 n had sex n a lil sperm got incuz the condom fail.i haven’t had my period since november 26 should I take the pill again just in case!!!??

  7. kristina says:

    Read instructions on ANY pill that could
    potentially alter your menstrual cycle. It’s kind
    of a big deal. Secondly, stop having sex-
    and go read a book. You can’t even buy cigarettes, rent
    R rated movies, go to the bar, or drive a car. Come on,
    Your attempts to get a boys attention do not
    have to risk another child being brought up
    in poverty or in another government system.
    Act your age, and show some self respect. —
    Pregnant 23 Y/O Financial Advisor <3

  8. HONESTLY! Some people gettting preggo at 12, 13, 14, and 15 is stupid! I am not gonna have sex until i can handle a child! Next thing is that 5 year olds are gonna be mothers! Come on, is it right?

  9. Im14 had sex a stupid idea n the condom busted this is the firs time dis happend wen I was havin sex I hav money to b on mi own wit the baby n mi bf said he will b there for me but we arent ready for a kid im take next choice n today will b the second time takin these pills n I wanna knw do u think these pillz will wrk

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