I’m 16, Had Unprotected Sex, Took Next Choice, No Period

Amanda (age 16) writes, “i’m sixteen. i really don’t remember when my last period was but i believe it was april 28th, but i know it ended on may 3rd. i had unprotected sex the next day, may 4th, and my boyfriend cummed inside. i took the next choice pill about an hour later, and the next one 12 hours later. it’s already june 10th and i still haven’t gotten my period. i’m going CRAZY! my breasts are aching a little bit as well… do you think i could be pregnant?

Dear Amanda,

My guess is that no, you are not pregnant. The reason why I say that is because

  • You had sex early in your monthly cycle (it’s possible to get pregnant then, but the odds are slim). Having sex on May 4th would minimize the chance of sperm coming in contact with your egg once you ovulated. While sperm can stay alive in you for several days, your egg will only be “fertilizable” for 24-48 hours, and, if sperm was still in your body up through May 9th, even if you ovulated earlier than the typical 15th day of your period (counting April 28 as the first day with May 10th being day 15), there probably wouldn’t be enough sperm left in your system to do their job.
  • You took the Next Choice pills right after having unprotected sex. Taken right away, they have a 90% success rate. The longer you wait to take them, however, the more the probability for pregnancy increases.

So, while my first reason has some possible “flaws” in it, I think that when we mix both reasons together, we’ve got a good “case” for you not being pregnant.

As far as your period being late, from my experience, it’s not uncommon at all for people to get their cycles messed up after taking Next Choice (or other forms of emergency contraception). Plus, being worried about possibly being pregnant is going to affect your period’s timeliness all the more. I wouldn’t worry too much about your breasts aching as that could be caused by the high hormone dosage from Next Choice or something else.

If you want to completely ease yourself, I’d recommend taking a home pregnancy test, but I’ll put my money on it being negative.

Best of luck,



  1. Hi My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex (withdrawal method) when he came to visit me on the 7th 8th and 9th of April. I got the Next choice pills on the 10th. I took the first pill at 12 pm and the second at midnight the next morning. My period was supposed to come Sunday the 15th but it hasn’t and now I’m four days late. I keep having cramping and headaches. My face is broken out with acne. No nausea. No throwing up. No cravings. Just no period yet. Is it because of the pills/stress or could i be pregnant? I’m really not ready for kids yet. My boyfriend and I are engaged but I’m only 21 and he’s always leaving for the military. Any help for my problem will definitely give me peace of mind

  2. hi i had sex with my boyfriend around April 7th but he used the pull out method and i took the next choice pills on the 9th just to make sure, then i had sex on the unprotected sex again on the 20th of april which he used the pull out method again but sum of the sperm came near my vagina and i think he came in me also but he said he pulled out, but just to be on the safe side an hour later i took another next choice, ive been feeling premenstrual symptoms for eg. nipple and breast sensitivity, bloating, and constantly wants to urinate my period is not due until the 23 or the 26 but im still worried, and ive spotted a little bit too once when urinating, is this from the next choice or am i pregnant? help!:(

  3. 678432 says:

    i am 22 yrs old and i had sex with my boy frnd on 19 april {after 5 days of my last period} and i bled a little , then after 1 hour of sex i took unwanted 72 and after 4 days i got periods for 5 days and now on 7 may i got again periods only for 2 days….is it ok or anything serious…plzz rply ….??????

    help me someone plzzz!!!

    i always get my periods for 7 days ….\

  4. Am 24 i had sex with my man after 2days of my period and i didn’t take any pill to protect myself cause he finished inside of me…… kind of worried if i will still get pregnant

  5. Am 21 I had sex with my man last month after 5days of my period and I didn’t take any pill to protect myself cause he sperm inside me…. And have not seen my period this month…. Am scared if am pregnant

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