16 Years Old, Went Partying, Guy Lost Condom

kiki (age 16) writes, “hi, i’m 16 years old and about a month ago i went partying with sime friends and i had sex with this guy. we used a condom at first but then i noticed when i went down on him the second time he didnt have it on, and we went back to having sex without it and he busted inside of me. im really scared that m prego, i dont have the money to get a test. And another bad thing im having all the symptoms of early pregnancy…. what do you think?”

Dear Kiki,

Thank you for your question. I’m sure you’re very worried! When was your last period? Do you usually have your periods pretty regular? Do you have sex regularly or was this a rare occasion? What kinds of symptoms are you experiencing? Sometimes, if you live in the States, you can swing by a Dollar Tree or another dollar type store and find some home pregnancy test strips for just a dollar. Walmart may have some inexpensive ones too, but theirs may cost a couple dollars based on the type you pick up.

If you can give us some more details, we’ll see if we can help you better!

Best luck,



  1. i would love if u guys can help mi im young n idk wat to do i cnt go n buy o test but im trying to find a free tet hope u guys can help mi

  2. chantal says:

    hii!! my name is chantal im 18 years old me and my fiancee have sex we sometimes dont use condoms and we havent been using any lately my last period was on may 11th 2011 i go for 3 days and then 26 days later cycle starts again but is hasnt im kinda scared but happy cuz i wanna be a mommie and i dont have money for a test
    And the syptoms i have are frequent urination,sharp pain on my side and fatigue,and kinda movement but it comes n goes and feeling nausea but not getting sick

  3. Ok me and my boyfirend been having unprotected sex all the time nd he nutted in me

    • What kinds of symptoms are you experiencing? Do you know the approximate date when your last period was?

  4. If you dont have the money to buy a test how do you think your going to take care of a baby they are exspensive always growing out of cloths and going trough dipars and let me tell you if you decide not to breastfeed formula is very exspensive!!!

  5. Just for your information you can go to the dollar store and buy one for a buck!!!

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