5 Important Tips When Choosing a Baby Name

Now that you have found out you are pregnant, people will begin constantly asking you when you are due and what you are having. After you find out the baby’s sex, people will then direct their questions as to what you are planning on naming the baby. Perhaps you aren’t even sure of this yourself. Giving your baby a name that they will have for the rest of their life is a very important job.

Consider these 5 important tips when choosing a baby name:

1) Consider the baby’s heritage.

You may have grown up in a purely German, Jewish, or Japanese family. Perhaps you want your baby to carry on a German name. Perhaps you want to follow Jewish traditions and name your baby after a grandparent. Many different cultures have their own traditions and beliefs surrounding the naming of a baby. There are usually no set rules, but you may want to consider your culture when choosing a name.

pregnant woman2) What does the name mean/symbolize?

You may have decided upon the German name Emily and think it is perfect. However, someone bursts your bubble by telling you that it symbolizes impatience. You may decide to change the name to Heidi, which means noble. As you are researching names, consider their meanings and symbolism. Try to pick something positive and an admirable quality.

3) Think about their gender.

You may want to consider giving the baby a gender specific name. There are many names out there that could stand for a boy or girl. Cody, Jamie, and Taylor are examples of some names that could be unisex. Choosing unisex names can sometimes cause confusion. If you do like a unisex name, you may want to research different spellings that are associated with a specific gender.

4) Remember your child has to say and spell it.

Many parents think they are doing their child a favor by giving them a unique name. However, they forget that the child has to eventually learn to spell and say it. If you choose a name like Mia, you may hear your daughter called Mya from time to time. Teachers and friends may often mispronounce confusing names. Consider that your child will have to constantly correct people for the rest of their life if you decide to choose a confusing name.

5) Think of possible nicknames.

Kids can often be cruel at school. You don’t want to name your baby anything that sounds funny or can have a nickname made out of it (think simply Sally or four eyed Freddie). We all remember grade school when kids are so creative with their nicknames. Think about the name you are choosing and any possible nicknames that kids can come up with. You may want to choose a name that can’t really be shortened like Eli (but people may call him E anyway).

Choosing the baby’s name may take some parents the entire pregnancy. They may be throwing names out in the delivery room. Other parents have names chosen before they even find out they are pregnant. You want to consider a wide range of things when naming your baby. Make sure it is something that you and your husband love. And remember to stay strong in your decision. Even if you parents don’t like it, the name is your choice.


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