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  1. Tracyann Laing says:

    I am 27 years of age i had two abortions in 2014 and now i find my husband he want a baby from me but i am wondering if i am able to have any more children because we are trying for months and still nothing

  2. Rosemond Twumasi says:

    Ì Am 28 years of age , I just marry this year. I was not have sex in my life before. I always fill pains during sex. I have 3 miscarriages. And always having west pains. I want to have children too. Please help.

  3. Hi! I am 29 yrs. My last period was on the 19th of Dec. 2015, my period cycle is irregular, and i had sex on the 25th of Dec. 2015. And till now i have not seen my period. So i did a pregnancy test and it was tested positive. Since i dont want to keep it, i was given some drugs from my doctor. I actually had stomach pain and some dark coloured blood was in my panties the following morning after taking the drugs. I just want to ask if possible the pregnacy is gone. Or is there any way i can check myself without going to my doctor again to be sure am not pregnant?

  4. Hi,I’m 25 yes.my last period was on the 4th of DEC 2015 and lasted for jst 3 days instead of 5days. And I had unprotected sex with my bf regularly dat same month. Den on the 24th of DEC that same month,my period came again and lasted till 28th pls why is dat so.cos I dnt knw wen my safe period is anymore and I dnt knw wen my next period will come. Pls I’m I safe?

  5. Mat,32 yrs i want a baby , my last menstration date was 19 jan ,
    pls when should i have sex

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