Am I Fertile Right after Giving Birth?

Gabby (18) writes: I had my son January 11 and I just got on birth control (the shot) Feb 15. You know how they say your most fertile the first 3 months after having a baby ?

I was wondering now that I am on birth control am I still fertile ? If I don’t use a condom well I get pregnant ?

How long does it take for my birth control to start working ?

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Dear Gabby,

This is a loaded question :) Are you breastfeeding your son? For some girls, if they breastfeed, it decreases your probability for getting pregnant.

Have you had a period since giving birth? I’m assuming it was a vaginal birth? Most likely you’re fine having sex without a condom right now; however, if I were you, I’d much rather err on the safe side and wait about 2 weeks from Feb 15 before having condomless sex.

I know that makes it a pain, but … you probably don’t want to be right back in the world of the bump too quickly!

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  1. No I am not feeding and I haven’t had a period but I’ve been spotting for a week. And I also had condomless sex day before yesterday :’/

  2. I’m not breastfeeding and I haven’t had a period but I’ve been spotting for almost a week. I also had condomless sex two days ago

  3. Well my period has been normal got af on jan 30! I o feb 13felt it come out mild o cramping! I had sex that day of and day after! So all a sudden 9dop I started spotting pink when I wipe that I was bent over holding my lower stomach like something was. Attaching or pulling away no meds could help this pain it stop on its on bleeding brown pink blood my af is due 13dpo but I spotted from 9dpo with small clots dirt looking on tampon till 18 dpo light now and. My discharge is yellowish slim what happen could the be implantation bleeding just still having pains in on my left. To my uterus please help me

  4. You should go make your own question and ask hannah or justine because I don’t even know what you talking about

  5. i had a baby 17 weeks ago and have had 1 period, ive took 6 home pregancy test and theyve all came up negitve i had the shingles so i thinking this has something to do with it can some1 give me answers plzz

  6. Ive been stressing out about it every single day can u plzz give me an answer im only 20 dont want another 1 just yet reply back to me thanks

    • I have gained about 10 punods in my 3rd trimester for a total of 32 punods. I’m due on Sunday. Don’t freak out about gaining a lot, most people I know don’t gain a pound a week . They gain 3 punods, then nothing, then 2 punods, etc. Also, to reassure you your baby is probably gaining half the punods you put on. Baby goes from 2 punods to 7 9 punods in 12 weeks. Of course you are hungry. Did you know that during the 1st trimester you needed about 75 extra calories per day, during the 2nd trimester you needed 200 extra calories per day, and during the 3rd trimester you need 400 extra calories per day. Nobody tells us that. They print all this nonsense about how we need to add 350 extra calories per day throughout the pregnancy but don’t ever explain that what you really need to do is eat the most during the 3rd trimester. You are probably looking very beautiful and curvy and all that padding will come off eventually. Try to embrace yourself and be kind to your pregnant self. Give yourself a break. Sounds like you are doing everything right!

  7. Gabby, take it from someone who knows yes you can still get pregnant. I wasnt breastfeeding my son either and was on bc. I had a csection and when my dr gave me and my hubby the go ahead after my 6 wk checkup i was pregnant again within like 2-4 weeks. My boys are literally 1 yr and 6 days apart. If you are not ready for another one just yet my advice would be protect yourself both ways. with birth control and a condom. Although neither are 100% effective. With my first son i used bc and a condom. I swear this kid is gonna cure cancer with those odds. LOL anyway hope that helps.

  8. im 20 i have a child already my cycles are normal every few months it will switch up from the beginin of the monthe to the middle and the end no more then 28 days apart my boyfreind and i never use protection but my cycle started on the 10 of sep and didnt come i just started alot of pain in back sides and stomach but before all that i started urinating alot gettin sick by smells getting sleepy normal signs of having a baby this morning im bleeding and in pain could i be having a miscarriage ???? im lost

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