Am I Having a Miscarriage? Elevated hCG but Heavy Bleeding

Megan writes, “Hi my name is megan me and my boyfriend have had sex we normally use condoms but a couple times have just pulled out I got my period on April 4 and then I started feeling sick my breasts were tender and my boyfriend had mentioned my mood changing fast by may 10 I still didn’t get my period and I got worried took two home pregnancy tests both came back with a faint positive than about a week and a half later I started to spot then bled heavy for a day but it did not feel like a normal period no cramps at all went to the doctor they did a urine test Said was negative and a blood test they told me to call in an hour to get the results for the blood test when I did I spoke with a nurse who said I had elevated hcg in my blood and than another nurse said the hcg level did not add up to the normal level said she thought I was miscarrying… I still a couple weeks later still feel sick on and off and have been getting really bad heartburn what should I do?

Dear Megan,

This sounds like something that’s definitely more in the realm of your doctor. From my own experiences and medically related studies, I can make educated guesses, but some things (like your situation) really require the face to face help of your doctor. What you can do on your own is take another home pregnancy test to see if it will pick up any hCG in your urine. Keep in mind that some blood pregnancy tests are more sensitive than HPTs. Perhaps take the test tomorrow first thing in the morning when your urine is well concentrated. Your symptoms do mesh with what is typically experienced with a miscarriage, so I would place my money on what the second nurse said. Did your doctor try to reschedule an appointment in a couple weeks to do another blood test? Please keep us posted.

Best wishes,


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