Am I Pregnant and Just Don’t Have Enough hCG?

Hello Hannah,

Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for about two months now, my last period was on August 1st and it only lasted 5 days, im period is always normal, never missed and never ends early. I went to the doctors they took a test, urine test and blood test and it came out negitive.

Then i started spotting that lasted about 2 weeks on and off thinking maybe it was the start of my period well i was wrong, it was a bladder infection, they took an other test last week andcame out negitive but i still have no period, but i have lower back and front pains, headaches, mood swings, nipples really hurt started yesterday, dizzy, light headed and always wanting to sleep.

Is it possible i am pregnant and i just dont have enough hCG??

Star (age 18)


  1. Hello, me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom broke this was like 3 hours planin to take Plan b-One step later today but I’m worried that I take it too early? Does it really matter if I take it a couple of hours early or does it have to be a certen time? Please answer me. And do you think the plan b-one step would help me not get pregnant? Hopefully it will, but I really need your advice. Ill be waitin for your reply
    Help me! Please!

  2. Hello star,
    yes it can be possible a girl i work with when she was pregnant with her first child at your age the doctors told her for 5 months that she wasnt pregnant she kept taking test after test and nothing showed up until she was at least 5 months into her pregnancy. He was a healthy baby boy and she is now pregnant with her second. Just wait it out the more stressed you get about things then the later it may be if your not pregnant also consider what has been going on in your life lately… if you are hoping and trying to get pregnant then this can also play a part because your mind plays tricks bringing on symptoms that are not really there.
    Hope all turns out the way you want it to
    Katie x

  3. sierra says:

    I have done two home test and blood test all say negative I think my hcg is low as well. Good luck.

  4. I did an ovulation test and was ovulating on May 1, then at the time of my period, On May 22, all I got was light pink when I wiped only. It lasted for about 8 days. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I took an ovulation test on May 29 and it was positive. I started seeing white milky substance the following week so I took another ovulation test on June 5 and it was positive. I’ve taken 3 home pregnancy test since then, I was suppose to start my period again on the 19th, it is now the 23rd and I just got a dark red spotting but it was only a very little and when I went to the restroom there was nothing.

    So no regular period since April 23, which I usually have a very heavy one. I’ve taken 2 ovulation test in a month and both were positive and I’ve taken 3 home pregnancy test and all are negative. My nipples are now very tender.

    I’m 46 years old, could I be pregnant?

    Holly Menges

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