Boyfriend Just Put the Tip In; Should I Take Morning After Pill?

Caroline (16) writes: Me and My boyfriend were just having a little fun, and he only put the tip of his penis in and then a while after he ejaculated on my body but he is not sure if he pre-ejaculated inside my vagina, we are panicking and are not sure what to do, should i take the Morning after pill, please help.

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Dear Caroline,

It’s very rare to get pregnant from pre-ejaculation fluid. When he ejaculated, did he get any semen around your vagina or did it just stay around your belly, chest or breasts? If he only put the tip of his penis in and you’re only dealing with a little bit of pre-ejaculation fluid, you’re probably fine and have no need to worry.

However, if you’re sure that some semen actually got around your vagina area and may have gotten inside it, then taking the Morning After Pill as quickly as possible should make it difficult to get pregnant. The Morning After Pill is most effective when taken ASAP after having unprotected sex. The longer you wait, the less effective the Morning After Pill will be.

The biggest caution regarding taking any form of Morning After Pill is that you may experience some unpleasant side effects (so it’s never something you want to casually pop into your mouth – it’s much, much safer for your body to get started on a daily birth control pill). Side effects may range from nausea to irregular periods to cramping.

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  1. DontKnowWhatToDo says:

    hi sorry for posting on this thread but the question and answer form doesnt come up on the ‘submit a question’ page. im 16 years old, and the other night i got pretty drunk and ended up having sex (it was my first time) with a friend in my class (awkward i know!) well we started using a condom, but i think something happened, like it kept falling off or something, so as far as i can remember he ended up not using it! im not even sure he came in me, but the likely hood is that he did! i tried to get the plan B but by the time i could get it the 72 hours were up and the pharmacy didnt sell the one you could take 5 days later, nor did any other chemist near by! im not prepared to tell my mum, as we werent even going out etc etc, i know if i told her she would help me get this all sorted but at the moment im not happy with telling her, i would rather try and sort it out on my own. As my periods are really irregular on some websites it says you can do a pregnancy test about 21 days you ‘think’ you concieved, im obviously going to do that, but could you sort of talk me through the process if i was pregnant how the medication abortion works, and what i would need to do. oh and by the way its now nearly the 4th day since we had sex.

  2. Mumuni Nafisah says:

    My menses seem irregular. How do I know my ovulation

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