Can I Get Pregnant While on Birth Control Pills?

Angel (26) writes, hi there, is it possible to get pregnant if you are taking your birth control pills on a regular basis? Also is it to late to take do a Plan B (pills) (and he did not ejaculate in me) if you had sex on Sunday and now its Thursday?…. Please help …….thanks

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Dear Angel,

If you’ve been taking your birth control pills regularly over the past 30 days, then it would be very difficult to become pregnant. Even if you forgot to take your birth control pill one day, you should still be fine. If, however, you forgot to take your pill two days, then your probability for being able to get pregnant while on birth control dramatically increases.

As far as taking Plan B, it’s most effective to take that within 12 hours of having sex. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that Plan B (or any other emergency contraceptive) will not work.

Good luck!


  1. I have had unprotected sex since about 6-9 months ago and my boyfriend hasn’t ejaculated in me and I am not taking birth control. Is there a high risk of me getting pregnant if he ejaculates inside me one time????

  2. Dear Hanna
    I am 16 years old and had sex with my boyfriend four weeks ago and half way trough th econdom ripped, he noticed right away and pulled out, and didn’t cum. To be really sure nothing happened I took the plan b pill 2 hours after. Two days later I had my period for 3 days. But they say that that wasn’t my real period? I had sex again while I was on the period. When he pulled out the condom came off too but he hadn’t cum. So i’m not sure if something happened there. I’m late for my period 6 weeks now. I took two pregnany test which both showed negative, but I’m not sure if That’s accurate because I don’t know when my ovulation was because of the plan b pill. When would I know when to take my pregnancy test when i don’t know when my ovulation is. This plan b pill totally confuses me and what it is doing with my body. I would really appreciate it if I had an experts opinion. I’m in a different country for a year not with my parents or any stability and feel a bit lost and really scared what would happen if i was pregnant. Pls I would really appreciate an answer.
    Thank’s a lot!

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