Can Plan B Give Me Two Periods During the Same Month?

so im def stressed out..  Back in August my boyfriend and i had sex the day after my period had ended which was the 19th the condom kinda leaked out so within the hour we went and got Plan B and i took it right away ( prolly even less than an hour of the accident). so anyways i ended up getting 2 periods in august.. well september came along and no period at all!! i started freaking out and ended up taking 2 tests towards the end of the month and both came out negative. Should i even be freaking out or did i miss my period because of the Plan B and is it possible to miss your period because of plan b?

Katie (21)

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Dear Katie,

You should be fine. The double bleeding you experienced in August was most likely just caused by taking Plan B so close to your first period’s ending. When you take a morning after pill so close to your period’s ending, you have a higher probability of experiencing what we call withdrawal bleed (which, on a side note, is not an actual period). Quite likely, that same Plan B has then messed up your regular cycle to the extent that you were irregular also during the month of September. You’ll probably get back to a “normal” schedule during the month of October, though, sometimes, girls have experienced an irregular cycle for several months.

Cheer up!




  1. I’m 28 had the implanon in for 3 yrs the whole time I had crazy unpredictable periods sometimes heavy lite medium but I had a period more than not sometimes. Well I got my implanon out on Sept 8th and I was actually bleeding when they took it out up until September 16th my bf n I had sex then the next day the bleeding stopped and i haven’t bled since … Could I be pregnant already? Thanks . Tasha

  2. My period used to last for three days, and is only the first two days that bleed well a little, what is the caused.

  3. Katie did you ever have your period??? I am in the same situation if takes plenty of pregnancy test and they all say negative.

  4. Carmen Sanchez says:

    I have pain in my Titi put my tubes estan marados que es posibilidad de este enbarsada someone help me tell me something

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