Can Pre-Cum Fluid Make Me Get Pregnant?

“Such a worrier” (age 17) writes, “My last period started on may 22nd, it lasted 5 days. Last night (June 3rd) I was with my boyfriend and he had his penis in me but I made him take it out because we had no condom. He didn’t ejaculate at all – but I’m worried about the possibility of pre-cum. Should I seek out a plan-b pill? I really do not want to, but my urge to not get pregnant is a little stronger. Is there a possibility I could be pregnant?

Dear Such a Worrier,

Studies that have taken place to determine whether there is or isn’t sperm in pre-ejaculation fluid have returned mixed results. It appears that there is some sperm, but the volume is very low – in fact, low enough that if that same level were present in the sperm from a typical ejaculation, the guy would be classified”infertile.”

So … how do so many girls become pregnant when their boyfriends practice the withdrawal method? Well, here’s my take. When a guy is really “into it,” it’s possible for him to actually ejaculate a little (or a lot) without doing a “full ejaculation.” He might even tell you that he withdrew his penis in time before ejaculating though he’s bluffing (or he’s just hoping really, really hard that he didn’t loose his load and that, if you get pregnant, you’ll never blame him because it couldn’t possibly be him since he never ejaculated, and so on).

So, it really comes down to did your boyfriend partially ejaculate even the slightest? Pre-cum fluid’s chance for making you pregnant is extremely very slim. You’ll need to find out what happened – and, don’t forget, guys bluff about this all the time. Don’t ask me why.

The closer in time to you’re having sex that you take Plan B, the higher the probability for effectiveness. The greater the time gap, the lower the probability that Plan B will work. So proceed wisely.

Best of luck,



  1. Claire Louise says:

    Hi, I’m 19 and had sex with a guy I’m seeing, I really like him and don’t want to say anything to him. We had unprotected sex on Monday night (7/11) after an unfortunate incident where the condom split. I know he didn’t ejaculate but I worry about pre cum. I haven’t really thought of it until now and I’m starting to really worry as I can’t take the morning after pill. Please reply with what you think of the chances of getting pregnant and what I should do next.
    Thanks, Claire

  2. hi, i am 22years old. i got sex when im 16. until now i can’t get pregnant. what can i do?

  3. hi me and this guy had unprotected sex a week ago he didnt cum in me but i heard the precum can get you pregnant so the next day i went and got the morning after pill plus i was on the pill but only for 4 days prier to it happening is there any chance i could be pregnant?????

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