Can You Get Pregnant by Touching Yourself?

Jane (23) asks, “Can you get pregnant by touching yourself?”

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Dear Jane,

Typically, no. By merely playing with your vagina, you can’t get pregnant. However, if you have fresh semen on your fingers (i.e. you were just playing with your boyfriend’s penis, and he ejaculated semen which got onto your fingers), and then you put your wet fingers into your vagina, then you would be inserting sperm into yourself and that could get you pregnant.

Or, another scenerio (which actually happens) is when your brother has a sex toy which he masturbates with (and gets semen onto it), and then you, unknowingly, right after his “incident” insert that wet sex toy into your vagina … then you have a chance of becoming pregnant also. However, sperm outside the human body has a very short “shelf life.”

Make sense?


  1. Semen Demon says:

    Where in the sam hell did the part about the brother come from? Is he gay? Does he want to give you a baby bump?

  2. What are the chances of getting pregnant by inserting semen in the vagina, after ejaculating on partner??

  3. If i touched my vagina afyer touching his dick maybe about a minute later what are the possibilities. Are they very high.

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