What Are the Different Types of Abortion Procedures?

Scared writes: Hannah I have a question if I think I’m pregnant and I can’t have a baby right now what are my options to terminate it?? I know it sounds horrible but I just can’t right now it’s not an option :(

Best Abortion Clinics in Dayton, Ohio?

dear hannah, could you recommend the best place to go for an abortion? it would need to be somewhere near Dayton OH. thanks in advance for your help, emily Dear Emily, Is this for yourself or for a friend? Is she certain she’s pregnant? Does she know how far along she is? My recommendation would […]

Recent Abortion; Period 5 Days Late; Negative HPT

Danielle (24) writes: I am 24 years old I had a abortion in September of 2011. My last period was January the 3rd-7th. I haven’t gotten my period for February yet I’m 5 days late could I be pregnant? I have taken home pregnancy test all came back negative. I have frequent urination I haven’t […]

Took iPill 9 Days after Abortion

Sony (23) writes: i had an abortion on 13th Jan of this month.. after 9 days me and my husband had an unprotected sex but he is not sure whether he cummed in to me or not.. so after 6 hours i took a choice of taking ipill and i had it. after one day […]

What is a Methotrexate & Misoprostol abortion?

Hannah, My friend said she was going to have an abortion, and that it would be a MTX.  Could you let me know more information on what exactly that is?  Thanks in advance, Shelli. – – – – – – – Shelli, An MTX abortion is one involving Methotrexate & Misoprostol.  It’s a two step medical abortion […]