Took NuvaRing for 11 Days, Terrible Side Effects

hannah- my husband and i just recently got married. and i am starting to worry about being pregnant already. in september i started using the nuvaring, but it had terrible side effects and i stopped using it after 11 days. i had my period the 16 thru the 20 of ssptember. and again the 4 […]

Can I Get Pregnant after Being on Birth Control for a Week?

ive been taking birthcontrol for about a week and i started my period a day late. i know for a fact that birth control doesnt work right away only after a month but i have had uprotected sex and i keep feeling like im gonna throw up . i get nausea alot i cant even […]

Got Off Depo, Now Spotting & No Periods

dear hannah, i just got off the depo in march and i had a normal period in the end of that month then again in may same timing my period before the depo was the same as when i got off on june 7,8,9 i stayed with my boyfriend and we had sexual intercourse everyday […]

Just Started Seasonique, Been Bloated & Had Little Spotting

Jenny, age 16, writes, “Hi, so i am on seasonique currently. i had just started it on May 24th and i had unprotected sex on June 5th, my last period started may 20th. I took EC about 9 hours after the incident and i took pregnancy tests on days 19, 21, 23, and 24 after […]

On Seasonique for 11 Days, Had Unprotected Sex

Not sure, age 16, writes: I have been on Seasonique for 11 days. Today, I had unprotected sex and became very worried that the 11 days had not been enough. So, I took 4 of the pills and plan to take 4 more later on (after 12 hours have elapsed). Am I on the right […]

If I Think I Just Got Pregnant, Should I Continue Taking Birth Control Pills?

Kaley, age 17, writes: Hi everyone, just needing some opinions. Okay well las week I missed a week of my birth control. Sunday I started back takin them. I missed my Time on Tuesday . Bt yesterday I had unprotected sex. He pulled at the last min. Wiped it off then put it bck n […]

Unprotected Sex While Taking Daily Birth Control Pill

Angel S (16) writes: Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years so we stopped using condoms but only recently has he just started cumming inside me because i’m on the daily pill.. Yesterday we had unprotected sex twice and he came in me both times, i took 2 pills at 7:15 the […]

How Soon Can I Get Pregnant after Stopping Birth Control?

Nervous (19) writes: My boyfriend and I had unprotective sex I am on birth control but stopped taking it two weeks before that is there a chance I could be pregnant? If, How much of a chance? – – – – – – Dear Nervous, For me to help, I’m going to have to bombard […]

Recently Stopped Taking Dianette; Now No Period

Sportygal (24) writes: I came off Dianette in November and had a withdrawal bleed. My december period came on time (28days). My January period was late (34 days). I still have not had my February period (43 days). I turned down sex on the 4th of Feb. I was very drunk at the time and […]

Forgot One Birth Control Pill & Condom Broke. Could I Be Pregnant?

Sophie (19) writes: I started taking the birth control pill 5 months ago. this month i forgot to take one pill and took it when i remembered (about 14 hours later than usual). Me and my bf had sex a few days later and the condom broke. I was finishing that package, I had 4 […]

Chances of Getting Pregnant 8 Months after Depo Shot

loveablesweetheart (16) writes: Hi hannah, I’m sixteen and am experiencing pregnancy symptoms, like; fatigue, abdominal pain, feeling like I am going to be but never do. I was on the depo for about 6 months and havnt gotten my next dose since my last dose ran out about two months ago. My boyfriend and I […]

Frequent Urination after Taking Plan B & Birth Control

Paranoid (18) writes: Hey Hannah, Ok, so i started birth control on january 22, 2012. I had sex with my boyfriend on january 16th, and we used a condom. just recently we had sex again; this happened on january 27th. After we were done, i took the plan b pill less than an hour after […]

Can I Be Pregnant after Messing up Taking Reclipsen Birth Control?

Scared (18) writes, hi hannah or justin i have a very personal question but its somthing i really need to know! me and my boyfriend had sex on the 11th of november 2011 (my first time) and three days before that i messed up on my birth control (reclipson) and he didnt use a condom […]

Can I Get Pregnant While on Birth Control Pills?

Angel (26) writes, hi there, is it possible to get pregnant if you are taking your birth control pills on a regular basis? Also is it to late to take do a Plan B (pills) (and he did not ejaculate in me) if you had sex on Sunday and now its Thursday?…. Please help …….thanks […]

Stopped Taking Yasmin, Had Sex with Condoms, Now No Period

Ella (24) writes: Hi, I think i am probably over reacting but here’s my prob. my period is 9 days or so late. I was on Yasmin but came off it in Oct. I got my next non pill controlled period on the 21st of nov. My ex and i only had sex between the […]