Painful Nipples, Plan B, Negative Pregnancy Test

I have been seeing a guy, we’ll call him Joe, for the past few months although we took a break during the month of December. We use pull out method as I am scared of birth control and neither of us like condoms, stupid I know. I recall on New Years Eve looking up and […]

Bigger Breasts, Sore Nipples, but Regular Periods

Dear Hannah, I really hope you answer my question, because I literally think I’m going crazy. Please. Here it goes: (I’m 17, going on 18 in Nov.) July 8-15: Period July 22 or 28: Sex (first I think the condom came off and got put on inside out again. Did not cum inside me. Then, […]

Period 10 Days Late, Sore & Tender Breasts

Baby_Bitty (23) writes, Hello Hannah, I had a question regarding pregnancy. I was 10 days late on my period (in which, I have had it on time every month prior to this) But, I started my period, had it normally for 2 days then the third day stopped all together then started bleeding the next […]

What No One Told Me About Breastfeeding

Of course, the health benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but there are other positives I didn’t realize until I experienced them. When my first son was unable to latch on, I chose to pump exclusively for him for five months, until my body was no longer fooled by the artificial suckling. While he received […]

Do tender nipples mean I’m pregnant?

Dear Hannah, I think that I may be pregnant but I’m really not sure.  I know that doctors say that your breasts begin to get swollen or tender when you’re pregnant, but it’s really my nipples that are tender. I’m supposed to get my period around next week, but my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next […]

Sex Without Protection More than 4 times

So i have had sex with out protection like more than 4 times and last time we did it was 2 weeks ago. i have been experiencing abdominal pain/ cramps and have been having some stretching discharged. My nipples started to hurt lately and i have been having some sharp pain in my boob sometimes […]