Is 60 Hours Too Long to Take Plan B One Step?

Fuzzy writes, “Hey… I had unprotected sex about 60 hours ago. Is it too late for me to take Plan B One Step?” – – – – – – Dear Fuzzy, You could take Plan B One Step now, but you would be really pushing its ability to be effective. I usually recommend to take […]

Pregnancy Type Symptoms after Taking Plan B One Step Twice

Plan B One Step x2 (27) writes: I’m having quite a bit of a dilemma. My fiance and I had sex on Nov. 26th. After we finished, I noticed that the condom was inside me. I am not on regular birth control ( I have tried several types and they all make me very sick) […]

Too Many Side Effects after Taking Next Choice

Samantha (16) writes, Hey, a couple weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom broke. I ended up taken Next Choice and Lately I’ve been having more side effects than I should be getting. Does that mean I could be pregnent ? – – – – – – – Dear Samantha, Experiencing […]

Guy Tried to Rape Me, Took Plan B but Threw Up

Alley (21) writes: On November 16, someone tried to rape me in my sleep at around 5am, but was caught and kicked out by someone else. The sharp pain I felt was him tearing my skin on the outside, and when I went to the hospital the nurse said there wasn’t any sign of penetration, […]

Took I-Pill 3 Hours after Having Sex, Then Bleeding

I had sex with my girlfriend who is 17 yrs old on 21st sept. The condom tore during the intercourse and she took a emergency contraceptive pill after 3 hours (I-Pill). There was little bleeding for couple of days along with pain and then it was fine. This was her first intercourse. But on 27th […]

Can I Be Pregnant? Took I-Pill 5 Hours after Sex

Smiksh (25) writes: i had sex with my boyfriend on the 11th day of my periods date 14 november without taking any precaution, he left sperm inside me. than i took i pill after 5 hours, im scared of pregnancy

Took Next Choice an Hour after Condom Broke

Shorty (17) writes: Hey Hannah.. My period came Nov. 2 and it lasted a week. I had sex with my boyfriend on Nov. 17th and the 18th.. On the first day of sexual intercourse nothing went wrong. But on nov. 18th the condom broke and he came in me..

Can I Take Two Next Choice Pills at the Same Time?

Hello! I have 2 questions. A lil over 2 weeks ago me & my boyfriend had sex. He ejaculated in me. We went & got the next choice pills. I took one & then I took the other pill 13 hours later accidently. It was suppose to be 12hrs later. I asked a pharmacist he […]

No Symptoms after Taking the Morning after Pill

Hi Hannah, I had unprotected sex three days ago, and went to get the morning after pill in the morning. I know the quicker you take it the more effective it is – and I took it as soon as was possible after having sex. But, I have had no spotting, no period, and no […]

Condom Slipped Twice, Took Plan B Twice

Dear Hannah, My boyfriend and I had intercourse around day 13-14 into my cycle; the condom slipped during withdrawal and was left inside me — as soon as I realized this I retrieved it. Everything seemed to be inside, but I got Plan B 1-step within the hour. Two days later we had a similar […]

Took Next Choice on 4th Day of Period, Next Period Hasn’t Come

Hi Hannah, So here’s the sitch: I took Next Choice EC sometime during late july/early august (can’t remember exactly) and my period came at a normal time. On September 4th, I took Next Choice EC the day after the condom slipped off. My period still showed up at a normal time. On September 15th, I […]

Can I Take a Pregnancy Test Before 1 Month of Having Sex?

Hi Hannah, i had unsafe sex with my boyfriend right after 7days of my periods and next evening i had pills. after 5-7 days of sex i had may period again but i used to have my periods after 27-28 days. now i am seriously worried did i get pregnant??? Could u please tell who […]

Took Nordette as Emergency Contraception

Hi, I had unprotected sex last October 9, 2011 and I took Nordette as ECP 4 hours after. 4pills 4hrs after unprotected sex then 4pills after 12hrs. I had a mild spotting on October 16, as in like a 2 spoonful of blood only. My regular period is around 28-30th of the month, when am […]

7 Days Late for My Period & Scared I Might Be Pregnant

Hi hannah I had unprotected sex and i took a plan b pill one time in augest then one in september; my period was suppose to start on october 14th. im 7 days late into my period; im scared that i might be pregnet, but i took 3 pregnacy tests and they all came out […]

Took Plan B One Step – Should I Take a Second Pill?

im 16 and i only took Plan b one-step. do i need to take the second pill to prevent pregnancy Kate (16)