Took Plan B One Step – Should I Take a Second Pill?

im 16 and i only took Plan b one-step. do i need to take the second pill to prevent pregnancy Kate (16)

Could I Be 6 Months Pregnant and Not Know It?

I Had Unprotected Sex 6 Months Ago. I Took Plan B 3 Days After Unprotected Sex. I Got My Period Exactly 1 Week After. After That I Didn’t Had My Period For 3 Months. Next Month I Got My Period Again, Although It Was Only Spotting. This Has Happened Twice. I’m Worried I Can Be […]

Period Hasn’t Started Yet. Took Next Choice Day after Sex.

I do not take birth control or anything like that. My last period was the 24 of September. For the most part I can count 26 days exactly between my periods. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex October 16. He didn’t come inside, but he thinks there was pre-cum. I went and bought the […]

Painful Nipples, Plan B, Negative Pregnancy Test

I have been seeing a guy, we’ll call him Joe, for the past few months although we took a break during the month of December. We use pull out method as I am scared of birth control and neither of us like condoms, stupid I know. I recall on New Years Eve looking up and […]

Condom Broke, Took Next Choice, Now No Period

Hey Hannah, I have been on birth control for about 4 or 5 months now and the condom broke the day before i am suppose to start my period. So the next day i went ahead and took next choice emergency contraceptive, which was yesterday, but when i went to take the second pill, this […]

Can I Be Pregnant after Messing up Taking Reclipsen Birth Control?

Scared (18) writes, hi hannah or justin i have a very personal question but its somthing i really need to know! me and my boyfriend had sex on the 11th of november 2011 (my first time) and three days before that i messed up on my birth control (reclipson) and he didnt use a condom […]

Took Plan B 2 Days after Sex, Had Period, Now Cramps

Hannah!! I had sex Aug. 20 sometime in the early morning. Took the plan b Monday late afternoon. Had my period a couple days after. But it hasn’t came back since. I get the cramps like I’m about to start but nothing. Have yet to take a pregnancy test. What should I do?! Do I […]

Can Plan B Make Me Miss a Period?

hi well im 21 let say i had sex aug 19 or so and my period came on aug 24 i had sex and it was uprotected so i tok the plan b i didnt get my period september and know im on oct 9 and still no period i took 3 p.test and they […]

Should I Take the Morning after Pill a Week Later?

Paranoid&confused (15) writes: Me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago and I’m still young I have my life planned out I know what I where I want my life to go. I always told myself that I was going to wait till I got married but then it just happened and we […]

Took the 2nd Next Choice Pill 14 Hours after the 1st

This guy n I had sex without a condom. He didn’t come inside n is very positive that I’m not pregnant. I was worried, so I got the next choice the morning after. I counted the hours wrong took the second pill 14 hours after instead of 12!! I was very worried n called at […]

Why Did I Bleed for 7 Days after Taking Plan B?

Hello, I had intercourse on july 21, and my boyfriend did cum inside of me. The next morning I woke up and I was bleeding, I took plan B right away, and continued bleeding for about 7 days after that. I haven’t gotten my period since. Should I be worried? Also what does my bleeding […]

Took Plan B and Next Choice, but Now No Period

I had my last period on the august 21 and lasted around 4 days. I had sex with condom on the 25th and 27th. I took plan b on the 26 and a generic brand on the 27th. I spotted after both times for a couple days actually heavy. Well on Sept 2 I had […]

No Period Yet after Taking Plan B & Starting Birth Control

I had sex for the VERY first time on September 23rd. He did not ejaculate inside me but there is always the chance of pre cum. I freaked out that night and immediately the next morning I went and took plan B. A week later I got a heavy period for one day and one […]

Took 72 Hours Pills from NHS, Now No Period

i am very scared didnt got my periods ……finished periods on 11 aug and on 12 aug had sex and then on 13 took 72 hours pills from NHS and then again had sex on 4 sept and didnt use any contraception but my partner didnt release anythng insde me …. my periods were due […]

Am I Pregnant? Having Lower Abdominal Pain, Been Sick, Missed Period

I’m seventeen. I had unprotected sex on the 2nd of September, i think & took Next Choice the day after. The period before this started on August 20th & ended on the 26th. I have not had a period since then & today is the 3rd of October. I have taken several at home tests […]