Spotting a Week after Taking Plan B, No Period Since

Connedbyconcon, age 15, writes: so I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time and we didnt use protection. And I took plan b the next day. A month later we had sex two nights in a row and used the pull out method… no condom. No birth control. No plan. I haven’t had […]

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test after Using Plan B?

Casey, age 18, writes, I don’t have a regular period, I can go months without having one. And I’ve just recently started being sexually active and the first time I engaged in Sexual Intercourse we didn’t use a condom. But we used plan b the next day. And then the next week the same thing […]

Had Sex but Condom Too Big, No Period but Blood on Tampon

Jessica, age 15, writes: I had sex almost a month ago, not long after my period ended. We used a condom, but it was a little big, it didnt look like it ripped or anything but im still freaking out! My period didnt come and its 6 days late. My period has been irregular for […]

Took Plan B 24 Hours after Having Sex for First Time

Ruben (21) writes: My question is what are the chances of my girlfriend being pregnant if we had unprotected sex but it was her first time. We did it approximately like 2 minutes but we stopped. I was only wet but not even close on finishing. She took Plan B within 24 hours and its […]

Can I Be Pregnant after Messing up Taking Reclipsen Birth Control?

Scared (18) writes, hi hannah or justin i have a very personal question but its somthing i really need to know! me and my boyfriend had sex on the 11th of november 2011 (my first time) and three days before that i messed up on my birth control (reclipson) and he didnt use a condom […]

First Time Sex, No Protection, Now Where’s My Period?

Sarah (18) writes: dear hannah or justin.. on the 10th of december for the first time ever i had sex, there was no protection used but it really did not go for long at all, he definitely did not cum and instead we just stopped. my period has always been really irregular and impossible to […]

Should I Take the Morning after Pill a Week Later?

Paranoid&confused (15) writes: Me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago and I’m still young I have my life planned out I know what I where I want my life to go. I always told myself that I was going to wait till I got married but then it just happened and we […]

No Period Yet after Taking Plan B & Starting Birth Control

I had sex for the VERY first time on September 23rd. He did not ejaculate inside me but there is always the chance of pre cum. I freaked out that night and immediately the next morning I went and took plan B. A week later I got a heavy period for one day and one […]

First Time, Only Penetrated 2 Inches

On September 10, 2011 my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. Since it was my first time his penis didn’t go in more than 2 inches. I was in pain so we stopped trying after 5 minutes, but my period is about one day late. Could I be pregnant?

Does a Girl Always Bleed the First Time She Has Sex?

Lizzy, age 15, writes: Im kinda a virgin and well i had un protected sex wit my boyfriend. he didnt really put all his penis in, but he put a lil more than the tip of it in me. im skared if he came on me . I didnt bleed so im a virgin, iguess. […]

Took Plan B Within 36 Hours, Period Due Yesterday

I lost my virginity a week ago. We didn’t use a condom, but he pulled out and I took the Plan B pill within 36 hours. My period was due yesterday, but I have yet to get it. Should I be worried?

A Big Mistake – Could I Be Pregnant?

I’m thirteen and my boyfriend is sixteen. He is a really sweet guy and we were at his house. He said that we should try penetration? Just so that it wouldn’t hurt much when we really do it. I let it happen. When he was inside me we didn’t use a condom and he just […]

Took I-Pill 3 Hours after Having Sex, Then Bleeding

I had sex with my girlfriend who is 17 yrs old on 21st sept. The condom tore during the intercourse and she took a emergency contraceptive pill after 3 hours (I-Pill). There was little bleeding for couple of days along with pain and then it was fine. This was her first intercourse. But on 27th […]

Worried I’m Pregnant after First Time Sex

Ariana, age 15, writes: My boyfriend & I had sex about a month ago , on the 14th of June & I’m worried about being pregnant /: I know some of this stuff it just getting to my head , but I’m still scared out of my mind , will you please help me ! […]