Just Got Married, Missed Birth Control Pills. Am I Pregnant?

Olivia, age 18, writes: I just got married on February 13th. I had my period the week of the wedding. Unfornutely the groom had the flu and had to take medicine. I sorta got it too and took some medicine too. I’m on birth control and have been on it since October. I missed 2 […]

Is It Shameful to Be Pregnant When You’re 16?

Lenna, age 16, writes: HI Im Lenna I am pregnent but i still have questions ragards to family and my partner my first question is why is it sutch a shame being pregnent when your 16?

Negative HPT but Sex for 5 Weeks without Protection

Lizzie, age 17, writes: My period is just 6 days late, however ive been having sex with my boyfriend for 5 weeks without using anything. I’m experiencing some symptoms, such as, headaches, a weird taste in my mouth, sore breasts, lower back pain, sometimes feeling sick but not much. Ive taken a test and it says negative […]

Period 4 Days Late with Cramping

So yeah, I’m Christan. Um. I’ve been wanting a baby for a time now. And a few months back, I was sure I was pregnant. But I ended up not being pregnant at all. Well so now I am about four days late on my period. I’ve had cramping like a period, but I’ve read, […]

Negative Pregnancy Test but Tender Breasts, Back & Belly Pains

kk (age 20) writes, hi hanna i have sex with my partner on my birthday which is in february 9 since then i havent been myself i went to the doctor and did a pregnancy and it came negative however i am now experience tender breast, back pains and also belly pains. why is this […]

Took Plan B 48 Hours after Broken Condom

Pattie, age 22, writes: I was 8 days late on my period (started today). I took a plan B pill (2 12 hrs apart) about three weeks ago (48 hrs from broken condom incident). My period is much lighter than usual, my first day is always the heaviest every month, blood is also brownish red..which […]

Can Sperm on a Guy’s Hand Get You Pregnant?

Anna writes: Can a guy get a girl pregnant by performing a hand job with a hand that had sperm on it? Dear Anna, It’s quite possible. Assuming the sperm was very fresh, it would stay alive for several minutes. If the guy quickly put his fingers into you while his fingers still had fresh […]

I’ve Missed My Period for More than a Month. Am I Pregnant?

Dear Hannah, My name is Violet. I am now having missed period for more than 1 month. I have no signs of Pregnancy, but I am plump, but I am not gaining any weight lately. My Diet and everything else is in normal situation, I have no fatigue, stress, any pain, nor any discharge having […]

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

So is the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar (also referred to as the Chinese Gender Chart or Chinese Gender Calculator … and probably a million other names) a big joke? Some people swear by it, others say it gives them a headache just trying to figure out how to use it (read the instructions for the Chinese […]

I Think I’m Pregnant but I Can’t Get a Pregnancy Test

worried gurl!!!! (13) writes: ok well im 13 years old and i thank i may be pregnant what should i do!!!!!!! i think im pregnant cause i have every syemtopms beside missing my period!!!!!! and i have no way of goin to the store to get a pregnancy test……. what should i do???????????? – – […]

Had Sex with Friend & Boyfriend. Who Is the Father of My Baby?

lynn (21) writes: My boyfriend and I had split up at the end of Oct in 2011 and on Nov 14 and 15 I had sex with a friend as a rebound. It was a mistake but it is haunting me now. Well I got my period on either the 19 or 20 of Nov […]

Am I Fertile Right after Giving Birth?

Gabby (18) writes: I had my son January 11 and I just got on birth control (the shot) Feb 15. You know how they say your most fertile the first 3 months after having a baby ? I was wondering now that I am on birth control am I still fertile ? If I don’t […]