A Brief Guide to Your Pregnancy

If you have any idea that you think you may be pregnant, the first few weeks may be the most nerve racking. Although you have taken a home pregnancy test that came back positive, it is important to confirm those same results with your doctor. Since your doctor may not be able to get you […]

I’m 16, Had Unprotected Sex, Took Next Choice, No Period

Amanda (age 16) writes, “i’m sixteen. i really don’t remember when my last period was but i believe it was april 28th, but i know it ended on may 3rd. i had unprotected sex the next day, may 4th, and my boyfriend cummed inside. i took the next choice pill about an hour later, and […]

Age 14, Condom Broke, Took 2 Next Choice Pills

Nikki (age 14) writes, “I had sex a day after my period, this was on June 1st and the condom broke. June 2nd: the condom broke again June 3rd: my partner bought me Next Choice pill & so I took it. June 5th: the condom broke again, he bought me another pill, and I took […]

Can Pre-Cum Fluid Make Me Get Pregnant?

“Such a worrier” (age 17) writes, “My last period started on may 22nd, it lasted 5 days. Last night (June 3rd) I was with my boyfriend and he had his penis in me but I made him take it out because we had no condom. He didn’t ejaculate at all – but I’m worried about […]

I’m Pregnant. Who’s the Father? Time for a DNA Paternity Test

Kylie, age 27, writes: “hi my name is kylie im 11weeks pregnant i had sex with my ex which is the father of my 3 year old daugther. i’ve been with my current boyfriend for 2years.my LMP was 2-5-11. i had sex with guy1 on feb 4 then with guy2 on feb 6-7 on my […]

Missed birth control pill but took an extra one after sex

June writes, “I am 19, i missed a birth control pill on Wednesday in my first week of my second pack. I had sex on thursday and took one pill before sex and one after sex to catch up. The condom broke during sex and he doesn’t think that he came, but is not certain. […]

Does Ecstasy, Alcohol & Marijuana Have Effects on Pregnancy

MsFreakedOut (age 29) writes, “I am currently 3 almost 4 weeks pregnant and partook in 3 substances I should not have before knowing I was pregnant… Ecstasy (or MDMA), alcohol, and marijuana. I consumed these substances on approximately the 17th day after conception. Please note that I am a 29 year old Caucasian in good […]

Late Period, Trying to Have a Baby, Am I Pregnant?

Tammy (age 22) writes, “Dear Hannah, My husband and I have been trying to have another baby for a year now. My last period was April 30, 2010. I took an online pregnancy test, and it stated that if i was pregnant that im 4 weesk. I took the online test because my breast or […]

Some Spotting, Slight Cramps and Tender Breasts

Bri (age 20) writes, “i had my period may first and during ovulation week me and my husband had sex many times, this last week i had some spotting, i am so much more tired and i am hungrier than normal, also i have had slight cramps along with the spotting, my breasts have become […]

Missed Period, Tired and Gaining an Appetite

Kay (age 18) writes, “okay, so i have not gotten my period since april 26th and i might be pregnant i have that line on my stomach that woman get when they are pregnant. i am more tired, and i am gaining an appitite. i took the online pregnancy test and it said i am […]

Recently Miscarried, Now Trying for a Baby

Claire (age 22) writes, “hi hannah me and my partner of 3 yrs are trying for a baby my partner is 42. i misscarried in jan2010 and desperate for a baby now , please can you help im really confussed. my last period was 15th of april2010 and my cycle is usually 28 -29 days […]

My Period Is 5 Days Late with Nausea & Headaches

Sherry (age 24) writes, “My period is 5 days late at this point Ive been having lower back ache not constantly but off and on for about two weeks, I’m not on any form of birth control I hate to admit, but the only “form” of birth control is withdrawal. I do have nausea but […]

My Period Is Still Going After 2 Weeks!

Peggy (age 22) writes: “My periods are usually always normal, but my last one finally came over 2 weeks late. At first it was real heavy for the first few days then it turned to a dark red- brown discharge and its still going after over 2weeks! What could be going on with me? I […]

Am I Pregnant? Age 16 & Unprotected Sex

mlea (age 16) writes, “i had sex with my boyfriend a couple of times in the month of may and june, i usually start my period at the beggining of the month around the 28th or the 1st of each month. during the times we had sex i did not pull out and did cumm […]

Could I Get Pregnant from Just Messing Around?

Emma (age 22) writes, “I have never had sex, but me and my boyfriend like to mess around. the other night we were messing around but he was wearing a condom, at some point it broke but we were not sure when. and he did not comm in me but on me and everything was […]