Extra Tired, Sore Breasts, Nauseous – Am I Pregnant?

Marie (age 23) writes, “The first day of my last period was March 24. I had my regular heavy period which lasted 6 days. my husband and I had sex at least 4 times during the following two weeks. I had not been on birth control for about 2 1/2 months prior to March 24th. […]

Do tender nipples mean I’m pregnant?

Dear Hannah, I think that I may be pregnant but I’m really not sure.  I know that doctors say that your breasts begin to get swollen or tender when you’re pregnant, but it’s really my nipples that are tender. I’m supposed to get my period around next week, but my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next […]

Plan B, Very Light Spotting, 3 Negative Pregnancy Tests

Just Curious (age 23) writes, “I started my period on April 3rd. I had a regular cycle no problems there. Went to my o/b on April 15, for my check up. i told her that I had unprotected sex with my husband, she gave me a prescription for the plan b only one pill. My […]

I Took Plan B but Have Tender Breasts & Fatigue

BeBe (age 28) writes, “I had unprotected sex on May 5th, he said he didn’t ejaculate inside but was worried about pre-ejaculatory fluids. He suggested that I take Plan B, which I did May 6th. My period is irregular due to a steroid that I am prescribed, but it has been semi-regular the past 2 […]

I Took Plan B Twice, Negative HPT but No Period

Worried#2 writes, “I should expect my period on april 4th. But the day before, april 3rd, me and my partner had sex and the condom broke. I was scare so we went and got plan b within the 24hrs. Got my period on april 7th and that was the last time. Til this day still […]

Unprotected Sex and No Period

Sara (age 30) writes, “Hi Hanah, i really liked ur answers and hope u can help me with my problem, i had unprotected sex on the 28th of march (9th day of my cycle) and immediately had the map [morning after pill], a week later i had spotting for a week then i had my […]

Negative Pregnancy Test But Feel Like I’m Pregnant

Katie (age 23) writes, “hi i need to know if i am pregnant see my periods are all over the place but i have been feeling sick did a test 3 weeks ago and it say neg but i am still feeling sick and need so much sleep and always going the loo does this […]

55 Days Late but Negative Pregnancy Test

CT asks, “I’m 55 days late and recently I have little brown spots. I got tired easily and terrible back pain. I checked but it’s negative. I went to the doctor days later and had another check and it’s still negative. Am I pregnant?”

I’m 12 and a Virgin but Have Pregnancy Symptoms

Kailey writes, “im super scared too! i think i may be pregnant and i am only 12!! me and my boyfriend have never had sex i am a virgin but i have every single symptom there can be!! we are both really scared and i cant tell my parents. theyd freak! we are gonna try […]

Can My Period Still Come When I’m Pregnant

Quan, age 13, asks, “Since im young, can my period still come on while im pregnant??” Quan, Thank you for your question. Could you clarify your question with some additional details? If so, just leave them in the comment box below. Here are some additional details which would be helpful for me: Are you certain […]

Negative Pregnancy Tests, Light Period but Throwing Up

One of our readers, Cari, writes: “ok, im 17 years old and something wrong with me i need help im scared. I have been throwing up for 10 days now. my left boob is tender. my head hurts. im sleepy all the time now. Every pregnancy test i have take said negative. i got on […]

Plan B Twice, Broken Condom & No Period

Krisalynn writes, “On April 13th I took Plan B a few hours after having unprotected sex. I had been on my period, it was the second day, and after taking the pill, my period stopped for two days, then came back and I bled heavy for about a week. Last week (May 4) we had […]

Took Morning After Pill 58 Hours After Sex, No Period Yet

siobhan writes hi need need some help, i took the morning after pill 13 days ago and was due my period roughly the 8th of May, it has not came i have had no cramping no spotting or brownish blood that you get within 7 days of using pill. im abit worried i may be […]

Am I Pregnant? I’m 13 and the Condom Had a Hole

“My boyfriend and I had sex on a Saturday and Monday I felt like throwing up. I looked for the condom and I felled it with water and it had a hole. I’m scared. What do I do???” – one scared cookie (age 13) Dear One Scared Cookie, I know what you’re going through. Do […]

I Took the Plan B Morning After Pill But No Period

Hannah, My period started normally on April 3rd, and lasted about 7 days. My boyfriend and i had sex with a condom, on April 13th 2010. The condom broke, so the next morning we went to Planned Parenthood and got a day after pill. (Plan B One-Step) It had two pills, but the lady said […]