Do tender nipples mean I’m pregnant?

Dear Hannah, I think that I may be pregnant but I’m really not sure.  I know that doctors say that your breasts begin to get swollen or tender when you’re pregnant, but it’s really my nipples that are tender. I’m supposed to get my period around next week, but my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next […]

Age 16, No Period after Morning After Pills

hello hannah, i have a major question. am scared because i took two morning after pills with in one month. i had two short periods; the first was june 12 to 16 when i took the pill may 28 then took another pill the 17 after i had sex with my boyfriend

Why Did I Get Brown Discharge after Taking the NextChoice Pill?

Hi Hannah, My period is due this week or next week. It really just depends on how you look at it. My period started last month and lasted about 7 days. About 3 days after my period ended my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. About 14 hours after that I took the NextChoice pill […]

Preparing for a C-Section

If you’re like me, you’d prefer to avoid surgery, at (almost) all costs, but that may not be possible. Especially if you’ve read or heard from proponents of natural childbirth, the idea of not having a vaginal birth at all can make you feel like a failure, of sorts — but only if you let […]

Am I Pregnant and Just Don’t Have Enough hCG?

Hello Hannah, Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for about two months now, my last period was on August 1st and it only lasted 5 days, im period is always normal, never missed and never ends early. I went to the doctors they took a test, urine test and blood test and […]

When Should I Take the Abortion Pill?

Dear Hannah, I have had unprotected sex (only spermicide) with my boyfriend of 5 years between the 24-29th of august. Before that I got my period between the 10-15th of august. I am currently on a progesterone cream routine, that I use for 15 days and then stop for 15 days in order to get […]

Extremely Paranoid & Worried. Am I Pregnant?

mich2010 (age 21) writes, Hi! I am getting extremely paranoid and worried. Please tell me if it is possible that I am pregnant. Boyfriend and I had protected sex: June 28 – condom only. Did not break. Got my period just days after: July 4 – period was regular and usual Got my period again: […]

12 Years Old & Having a Pregnancy Scare

Twelve And FreakedOut writes, Well, im 12 Years Old-&& Havinq A PreqnacyScare. Well, Last Month i Started My Period The Same Exact Day As My Mom.  _&& A Few Weeks Aqo Me And My Off-&& On Boyfriend Had Sex. -&& This Month My Moms Period Has Alredy Come And Gone.  -&& Yet, Mine Hasnt Started. […]

Should I drink caffeine while I’m pregnant?

Hannah, Thanks for an awesome site! I’ve got a quick question. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions but thought I’d go straight to you for your thoughts. I’m pregnant right now and am wondering if I should be drinking coffee and coke and other things with caffeine in them while I’m pregnant. Is it […]

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

As your unborn child grows throughout your 9 months of pregnancy, you can guarantee that your body is going to be going through a lot of changes. Your waist and hip size may change. Your stomach is definitely going to swell up. You probably are also going to start to notice stretch marks. As your […]

How to Tell Your Children That You’re Pregnant

You have just found out that you are pregnant. You can’t wait to share the news with your family, friends, and coworkers. However, telling your other kids may make you a little nervous. You are unsure of how they are going to react to having a new baby in the house. Each child is going […]

5 Great Exercises to Tone Leg & Belly Muscles During Pregnancy

Some of the best advice that Ob-gyns and midwives are now offering pregnant women is to stay fit during the pregnancy. Some women may have already been in pretty good shape before they got pregnant and others may not have been. Moderate exercising throughout pregnancy can strengthen muscles and often can mean an easier labor. […]

Common Symptoms & Complaints Experienced During Pregnancy

It may be your first time being pregnant or this may be your 3rd child. Each pregnancy is different and women often experience different symptoms or pains. A lot of these pains cause a great deal of stress for an expectant mother. They do not want anything to go wrong during their 9 months of […]

A Brief Guide to Your Pregnancy

If you have any idea that you think you may be pregnant, the first few weeks may be the most nerve racking. Although you have taken a home pregnancy test that came back positive, it is important to confirm those same results with your doctor. Since your doctor may not be able to get you […]

I’m 16, Had Unprotected Sex, Took Next Choice, No Period

Amanda (age 16) writes, “i’m sixteen. i really don’t remember when my last period was but i believe it was april 28th, but i know it ended on may 3rd. i had unprotected sex the next day, may 4th, and my boyfriend cummed inside. i took the next choice pill about an hour later, and […]