Could I Get Pregnant from Giving a Guy a B-job?

Paranoid, age 16, asks, I’ve never had sex, but a few weeks ago I hooked up with a guy and he was touching me and I gave him a b-job after that and he didn’t touch me after that. Could I have gotten pregnant from that? I’m three days late, but I’m also travelling, so […]

Boyfriend Fingered Me. Can I Be Pregnant Now?

Safira (19) writes: I’m 19 years old. And i’m a virgin. Last week i met my bf. He fingered me and i’m scared of the fact that i’m pregnant. I know fingering cannot lead to pregnancy. But before fingering me my bf touched his privates and had pre cum in his hand. Later he fingered […]

My Boyfriend Put the Condom on Backwards

really worried (17) writes: I had sex with my boyfriend recently. Im worried that i might get pregnant because when he was putting on the condom he put it on backwards. He realized it and then he put it on properly. However, he told me a tiny bit of precum got on the exterior of […]

Why Am I So Wet after Having Sex?

Marley (17) writes: My boyfriend and I had sex last night (not protected) but he came on my stomach so it didn’t go inside of me. But minutes after I felt like a peed myself and I went to the bathroom and it was clear, but it wasn’t pee. Was it my cum, or his? […]

How Long Can Sperm Live Outside the Body?

Adrianna (13) writes: Before i ask my question, id like to explain. im 13 and my boyfriend is 16. we didnt have sex but i was giving him a handjob and he cam on my bed! i l8r that night had (sorta) forgotten about earlier and had masterbated… on my bed… where he had came. […]

Am I No Longer a Virgin after Fingering?

Shika (16) writes: Hannah, well I am 16. my bf just fingured me n then later blood started coming. he didnt use his penis. whats does that mean? am no more a virgine?? – – – – – – – Dear Shika, It’s hard to tell exactly what may have happened. Was he really rough […]

Can You Get Pregnant by Touching Yourself?

Jane (23) asks, “Can you get pregnant by touching yourself?”

Can My Doctor Tell I’ve Been Playing with Myself?

hi hannah im 13 years old and have my yearly check up coming up in a month. I havent ever had sex with a guy but i have “played with my self” and heard that a doctor can tell if your a virgin or not can my doctor assume im not a virgin and tell […]

Missed Period after Blow Job, Kissing & Oral Sex

Anita, age 18, writes, I’m 18 years old, with a very regular period and I nearly never break out. So, I never have had vaginal sex, however I have had oral sex with my boyfriend. I gave him a blow job and then kissed him and he ate me out, and I’m worried that some […]