Period 17 Days Late, Then Came with Cramps

Falona writes: My period was 17 days late then my period came with slight cramps at the bottom of my stomach what is wrong

Period Came Early after Sex and Lasted Only 3 Days

Candii (15) writes: I had sex on thursday and the next day my period came but not normal it wuss suppose to come on the 25 but it camed on 18 and only lasted 3 days when it suppose to last 1 week what does that mean?

Had Sex with Condom, Now Period Is Three Days Late

Hi, I’m 21 years and about 3 days late. I know it probably seems too soon to panic, but I can’t help it. My last period ended on the 5th Sep 2011, and my boyfriend and I had sex 2 days after that. We haven’t had sex since. We used a condom but I’m still […]

Experiencing Irregular Bleeding after Endometriosis

Jessica, age 24, writes: I had surgery in March to remove some endometriosis. After the surgery my ob assumed all was fine started me on beyaz birth control. Well now it’s July I am still having many female problems.

Period 9 Days Late, Took Pregnancy Test 5 Days Before Period & Negative

Hey.. My last period was on August 17th and me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex quite a few times that month before and after my period.. my period is usually late but by a month but last month it was only late by 4 days. it’s 9 days late this month (September) and […]

Switched Birth Control Pills & Took Antibiotics, Now Period 4 Days Late

Dear Hannah My last period was September 16-22. So I’m four days late on my period. This morning I did wake up to a bit of spotting, but it was only a bit of dark blood when I wipe. I’ve had some normal period like cramps too.

Had My Period for 1 Year but Now It’s 4 Days Late. Why?

Scared girl, age 12, writes: I’m a 12 year old girl and I am defiantly still a virgin. I haven’t even had my first kiss yet, but my period is 4 days late. *it will be a year in October since I have had [i.e. started] my period.* I also looked up pregnancy symptoms and […]

Almost Had Sex, Now Skipped My Period for 3 Months & Have Food Cravings

Carley (13) writes: Im 13 and my boyfriend is 15. We almost had sex….and I’ve skipped my period for 3 months. And lately I’ve been craving the most random things…could I be pregnant? Please help!! – – – – – – Dear Carley, Could you elaborate on what “almost” having sex means? Were you both […]

Menstrual Period Delayed after Having Sex with Condom

Naomi (18) writes: hello. i’m from the philippines.. i was so worried about my menstrual period because it’s delayed.. me and my boyfriend made love 2 weeks ago but he used condom and he told me that before his sperm got out he immediately pull his sex organ unto mine.. what bothers me a lot […]

Period 3 Days Late, Cramping, Feeling Nauseous, Tired & Stressed

bestfriendtotherescue (16) writes: hi my question concerns my best friend.. shes 16 and she told me on monday the 13th that her boyfriend put his penis on the outside of her pjs pants.. apparently some of his cum came on her hand and later on she took a shower.. now her period is 3days late […]

Never Had Sex but Period 7 Days Late

Hi.. I’m 12, I’ve never had sex, but I’m period is 7 days late, my last period was December 29, 2014…  And I’m a bit worried, it don’t think I’m pregnant, and I’ve told my mom. I’m just scared, what should I do!?!!? When pigs fly (12) – – – – – – Dear When […]

Missed Period for 2 Months, Boobs Larger, Pain in Belly & Chest

Sailor moon (14) writes: I am 14 and I have never had sex but I really think I’m prego. I know it is impossible but I am committed to classical ballet and have often been called anorexic, my belly is very large at the lower pelvic area. I normally would go crazy over my fav […]