Negative Pregnancy Test but Weird Symptoms

Ally (19) writes: Hannah, Hi. I’m 19 and wondering if i’m pregnant. The beginning of my last period was 1/3/12 and it ended 1/8/12. My cycle is 28 days. If calculations are correct 1/17/12 would be the day I ovulated. No methods of birth control were used at all. We had sex on the 11th, […]

When Did I Get Pregnant?

An anonymous visitor asks the following question: “Hi, so I have been stressed about when I conceived. I had unprotected sex about 4 or 5 times throughout July. I took a pregnancy test on the 31 and it was positive. I knew I was probably pregnant. I had unprotected sex on the 30 also. Could […]

Painful Nipples, Plan B, Negative Pregnancy Test

I have been seeing a guy, we’ll call him Joe, for the past few months although we took a break during the month of December. We use pull out method as I am scared of birth control and neither of us like condoms, stupid I know. I recall on New Years Eve looking up and […]

When Should I Use a Pregnancy Test?

Curious (20) writes: If I had sex the 4th or Jan and the 6th and 7th, un protected and he finished inside of me, when should I use a pregnancy test? – – – – – – Hey Curious, Your best bet is to wait and see if your next expected period comes. If it […]

Can I Get Pregnant When Having Sex During My Period?

John (18) writes: Hi. I am totally freaking out right now and I was hoping this site would help. I am scared that my gf might be pregnant. We’re only 18. We had unprotected sex on Nov 18 2011 which was the 3rd day of her period and I accidentally came inside her. She told […]

Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Negative but I Have Pregnancy Symptoms

Hi Hannah, I have been feeling lower abdominal pains and cramping and lower back ache, I have also missed my period by 6 days now! I feel a little tired and had a bit of diarrhea and my breasts are now starting to feel a bit sore! I do feel a bit nauseous sometimes too! […]

Am I Taking a Urine Home Pregnancy Test Too Soon?

Hi, I had an actual early period last month. I started on the 28th and always start on the 2nd of every month. About a week after my period my breast were getting extremely sore, heavier and sensitive and still are. I’m urinating more frequently and have recently been having slight pain, a little more […]

Period 9 Days Late, Took Pregnancy Test 5 Days Before Period & Negative

Hey.. My last period was on August 17th and me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex quite a few times that month before and after my period.. my period is usually late but by a month but last month it was only late by 4 days. it’s 9 days late this month (September) and […]

Too Early to Take Pregnancy Test 2 Weeks after Ovulation?

My husband and I are trying to conceive. My last period was Sept. 2 and I ovulated on Sept. 7 (took an ovulation test). I took a pregnancy test today Sept. 20 and it was negative, is it to early to detect with a home pregnancy test? I am expecting my next period Sept. 28. […]

HPTs Are Coming Back Negative but I’m 4 Days Late with My Period

My boyfriend and I have been having sex pretty regularly (about 3x a week) for the last 6 months. Last month I thought I was pregnant and took a HPT and saw an extremely faint two lines, but the following day my period started. Normally my cycle varies between 29-30 days, but my last two […]

3 Negative Pregnancy Tests but Stressing Out I Might Be Pregnant

Janette (16) writes: Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for a while but always with a condom. We always checked it thay there is no rips or tears after we finished. One time he put the condom backwards and stuck his d*** in me like less than 30 sec (sorry for the info) […]

When Should I Take a Second Home Pregnancy Test?

Lin (19) writes: Hi! Me and my husband are ttc. I took a pregnancy test on feb 12th there was a faint pos line. my last period was jan 16th. im not sure when to retest or when im suppose to get my period. should i retest now or wait till the end of the […]

Last Period in December. When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Ariyana (22) writes: hi hannah. i need some advise please. my last period was in december and i’m yet to get one as to date. i had sex on 1st jan but he had condom on and i was pretty sure the condom didn’t broke. i don’t get any of other pregnancy symptom except that […]

Negative Pregnancy Test Results but Actually Pregnant

Jessica (26) writes: Two years ago I was pregnant; however, before i found out, i had missed my period two months in a row and went to the doctors, took home pregnancy test, and they all came out negative. Not until my third month, missing my period, I went to the doctors again and had […]