Chances of Getting Pregnant 8 Months after Depo Shot

loveablesweetheart (16) writes: Hi hannah, I’m sixteen and am experiencing pregnancy symptoms, like; fatigue, abdominal pain, feeling like I am going to be but never do. I was on the depo for about 6 months and havnt gotten my next dose since my last dose ran out about two months ago. My boyfriend and I regularly have sex about once a day and don’t use any condoms. He ejaculates inside me everytime. How much of a chance do I have of being pregnant.

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Dear loveablesweetheart,

Have you had a period since the last two months? If so, was it like a normal period like the ones you had before you went on the Depo-Provera shot or was it just a little bleeding? Sometimes it may take longer than 6 months after the last Depo shot before ovulation resumes. And this really varies from girl to girl. Some haven’t had ovulation resume for many months longer while others have had ovulation resume fairly soon after the 6 months ran out.

You’re definitely playing with matches by having unprotected sex every day. You may very well be pregnant. I would strongly urge you to take a home pregnancy test asap and then take a second one a week from today and a third one two weeks from today. And, any sex you have starting today should take place with a condom. Then, once you’re assured that you are not pregnant, it would be best to get started back up on the Depo-Provera shot or a daily birth control pill.

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  1. loveablesweetheart says:

    I’ve had spotting here and there, but it only last a couple of days. i took a pregnancy test about 3 weeks ago but it came up negative.

  2. Hmmm … well, let’s cross our fingers and hope really hard that the Depo’s lingering results are still lingering. I would still strongly recommend you take the 3 pregnancy tests that I mentioned beginning today through the next couple of weeks (if you got pregnant recently, it takes a while for the hCG that pregnancy tests detect to build up to a detectable level).

  3. loveablesweetheart says:

    Ok thanks for your help. Really appreciate it ((:

  4. Yep, anytime loveablesweetheart :)

  5. I took the Depo shot only one time i was due for my second one on Dec 27 of 2011 but my husband and i decided not to take it because of all the side effects i spotted for about a month i havent bled for about two weeks now we have been having unprotected sex he pulls out but cums on my vagina(sorry for the details) and my nipples have been sore for about a week now and i get dizzy every now and then i doubt that i could be pregnant since i have been reading about other women not being able to get pregnant for a few months but im just curious to know if it can be a possibility

  6. sweetpea23 says:

    dear Hannah,
    I was on the implanon for six months and I had it removed but a week later I started my period and I replaced it with the generic brand of lo estin I stopped taking my pills when I got in the last row. I had my period again on march 21st and have not started my pills I took an ovulation test and it stated that I was ovulating I have been having unprotected sex since before I tested positive for ovulating and still have been having unprotected sex since. Could it be a chance I succeeded in getting pregnant? OH yeah I was only on the pill for less than a month..

  7. I took my last depo shot march 27th 2013 . I haven’t had a period or any spotting yet. But for the past week my breast have been so sore, and I have felt so sick at my stomach. I’ve taken 2 test, but they say neg. is this normal

  8. Hi,

    I’m a endometriosis patient and have had medical procedures done 6 times since 2004-2013. last year I decided to take Depo basically just to manage the pain but for 2 months now I’ve stopped. I’ve been having unprotected sex and this month I’ve missed my periods. Last week I did a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I have weird pregnancy symptoms like : feeling bloated, suddenly gained weight, strangest cravings, emotional all the time to the point where I’m always crying, breast growth and sensitivity etc. I’m 32 years and I was told that I should start trying by December 2014 to fall pregnant as the Depo takes long to get out of one’s system. What could be wrong with me as the home pregnancy test I did was negative. my womb feels supper heavy and I sometimes feel strange movements.

  9. I had my last defo shot in September 2014 I was due my next one in November but dident go for it since December – February I was spotting most days and then it suddenly stopped and now my nipples have been sore for about a week and I no this is weird but sometimes when I’m laid down it feels like something is moving in my belly I’ve done pregancy tests but they come back negative could I be pregnant

  10. Shakira Ibrahim says:

    I got married on 23 Nov 2015 and yet still am not getten pregnant but a time my period continued to come 5days after my normal period. It comes for 2-3days and I feel abdominal pains b/f and after my period I don’t know why am facing these problems.

  11. Shakira Ibrahim says:

    I got married sorry the date was 23 Nov 2014

  12. Shakira Ibrahim says:

    Please help me to have a baby for my husband

  13. I last saw my period 12th March, 2016. Till 24th April, I haven’t seen it again. I do have pains on ma nipples. I thought I was going to see my period something felt like menstrual pain, but it was very little blood that came out only that day, for some time, like not up to a minute and it stopped. Am I pregnant?

  14. 2014 I took depo injection 3mths for 3times but yet no period, can I get pregnant for my husband. I did pregnancy test but they said negative but am feel that am pregnant but I did check up & said it’s negative. Am ready to give birth to my husband, please save me l

  15. I’m 40yrs old. I had my 2 kids (boys)with caesera operation, by june 2016 my second child will be 5yrs old. My question is that am aiming to have the third child already I saw my period on 8/5/16 and have sex with my husband after my menstral period on 17/5/16. Thank you.

  16. I’m 40yrs old. I had my 2 kids (boys)with caesera operation, by june 2016 my second child will be 5yrs old. My question is that am aiming to have the third child already I saw my period on 8/5/16 and have sex with my husband after my menstral period on 17/5/16. Pls the answer. Thank you.

  17. Can someone answer my question?

  18. 7 Can I get pregnant after periods

    I had protected sex on 9th may.
    I got my periods on 14th may[4days medium bleeding ]and again on 23Rd may.[3days heavy bleeding ]
    I didn’t get my periods in June and today is 4th July and still I am not getting periods.
    Does this mean I am pregnant?

    Pls reply I am scared!

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