Chances of Getting Pregnant from Sex on Last Day of Period

noname35 (17) writes, Me and my bf had sex and that same day I just got off my period and he came inside me and I was wondering if I have a chance of becoming pregnant of precum ’cause I know that he didn’t ejaculate in me. i’m so afraid.please help me.. i don’t want to get pregnant. thanks

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Dear noname35,

Most likely you are fine. Your odds for becoming pregnant are very slim. First, having sex on the last day of your period tends to be a “safer” time to have sex. Yes, sperm can live inside your body for several days, but most girls ovulate long enough after their period ending that that sperm would be gone by then. Secondly, since he didn’t actually ejaculate, and you’re only dealing with pre-ejaculation fluid, that lowers your risk even more. While there is some sperm in pre-ejaculation fluid, the amount is so small that it’s rare to get pregnant from it.

If you want to err on the safe side, and your next period doesn’t come as expected, then it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a home pregnancy test. For best results, I’d recommend to take it on the morning of the day when your next expected period should have ended. Be sure to take it with your concentrated first-thing-in-the-morning urine. My bet is that the test will be negative.

Cheer up!


  1. Hi, June 2 I started my regularly period I usually last 3-4 days on it. June 5 was the last day of my period, that same day my bf came inside me, 3days later he came inside me again but the next day I took plan b.about a week later I started bleeding again.This month I started my period late which was yesterday can I be pregnant? Please help im stressing about it.

  2. Stressing over things can cause a late period. Take a test!

  3. Ananimous says:

    After my monthly floor, wen is d best time for me to have sex, dat i won’t be pregnant

    • Hi, please whenever I have sex after some minutes when I stand up some sperm drop out can I be pregnant and wat is the cause

  4. Hi, please whenever I have sex after some minutes when I stand up some sperm drop out can I be pregnant and wat is the cause

  5. I started my period February 26th and I had an unprotected sex on 5th of March… Today is 23rd.I’ve not seen my period but my breast is full which is the normal.symptoms I see few days to my period but no soreness or tenderness in my breast which is something rare

  6. Daberechi thecia says:

    Please I had sex on the last day of my menses and a day after my menses and he came inside me. Is there any chances of me getting pregnant

  7. Hi April 6 started my regular period I usually last 3.4 or 5 days, when is the right time
    for ovulation period


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