Chances of Pregnancy from Having Unprotected Sex Four Times

Worried! (18) writes: Dear Hannah, My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. When I was with him on the 20, 21, 22, and the 23, we did it. All the times we did it, he didn’t wear a condom and I was ovulating. He came inside of me all the times we did it, sometimes more than once.

Is there a chance that I can be pregnant? I keep looking online to see but everyone says it isn’t possible. But 4 times doing it without a condom? Isn’t that just testing fate? I need help on what to do. I have 2 home pregnancy tests that I am going to take on the 6th. Is there anything I can do till the mean time? I have a lot of the signs of it. I have the tiredness, the increased appitete, moodiness. This has never happened to me. I am scared. Can you help?

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Dear Worried,

Do you remember when your last period started and when it ended? Is your period fairly faithful, coming predictably? Are you certain that you had sex while you were ovulating?

Please get back to me with your answers, and I’ll see what I can do.

Best wishes,


  1. veronica says:

    Hi my situation is this,I had cheated on my boyfriend for tge first time in Oct of 2011, with a guy I just met throughs a mutual friend. Had unprotected sex two times somewere in mid of Oct and then we stoped talking and I got my period Oct26, just spotting. I completly cut off all contact with him and started to see my boyfriend of 9yrs again and was with him and having sex all Nov and Dec. In Nov I remember being nauseas and vomit on Nov the night before mt cousins wedding and on Thanksgiving Nov23. I dont recall having a period in Nov. Waited out until Dec to get my period. Nothing. suddenly I took a pregnancy test in Jan and was positive. I made an Dr.appt and had an ultrsound on Monday Jan
    16th and Dr dated me 6wks/6days. Est,due date of Sept 2,2012 and making my LMP Nov 26th. I had my 2nd ultrsound Feb 24 at 13weeks,doctor says I’m Right on track and giving me the same due date. Now my ultrsound I just had April 10th gave me date of 19wks/4days. baby weighs 11oz. My question I’Ver been doubting could I have got pregnant from my parter I had unprotected sex with in Oct?? Please help??

  2. Blessing says:

    I missed my period may, since than i started having unprotected sex with my fiance after than i see a ligth blood for 4 days in june my is cramping and bump i have than alot of test all says negetive and i fell all the symptoms of pregnancy please help me

  3. Tina Mailli says:

    hello my name is tina, and i haven’t had a period since the 18th of december and the period finished on the 21st of december?

  4. Hi my name is ann I have been noticed that my period do not flows well . what cloud be the cause . before it always drop 4 days (28days) and now it change to 3days ( 24days) so pls what can I do. Can this stop me of getting pregnant.

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