Common Symptoms & Complaints Experienced During Pregnancy

It may be your first time being pregnant or this may be your 3rd child. Each pregnancy is different and women often experience different symptoms or pains. A lot of these pains cause a great deal of stress for an expectant mother. They do not want anything to go wrong during their 9 months of pregnancy.

Because there are a wide range of symptoms and complaints that pregnant women experience, you might feel better finding out what a few of the common ones are.


Some women may experience spotting early on in a pregnancy. For most women a little bit of brown, pink, or red spotting is normal. Other women may experience heavy bleeding which could be a sign of a miscarriage, etopic pregnancy, implantation, or infection. If you are concerned about any type of spotting or bleeding, it is best to reach your doctor. She can determine if the bleeding is normal or cause for concern.

aches during pregnancyDehydration

Women that are experiencing morning sickness often forget to properly hydrate themselves. They may avoid drinking 8 glasses of water that may make them vomit. It is important to stay hydrated. If you notice that you become faint or dizzy, pale, and have a dry mouth you may be dehydrated. You should seek help from your doctor immediately as dehydration can cause stress on the pregnancy and even premature labor.

Cramping or stomach pains

A pregnant woman may get a pain in the stomach for a number of reasons during pregnancy. They may be experiencing growing pains, gas, or even Braxton hicks contractions. Gas and growing pains are common during pregnancy. Braxton hicks contractions often start in the 3rd trimester and are also named false labor. They are considered to be your body’s way of preparing for labor. If you are experiencing sharp, sudden pains or cramping sit down and rest a few moments. Try drinking some water. If the pain doesn’t go away after a few minutes of rest, call your doctor and describe where and how it feels. You may feel embarrassed calling the doctor and finding out it is simply gas. However, you can rest easy knowing your baby is okay.

Urinary problems

During pregnancy, some women may develop urinary tract infections (UTI) as the growing belly presses against your uterus affecting the flow of urine. You can often detect a UTI if you are having painful urination or a strong odor. Drinking cranberry juice and water may help alleviate some of the symptoms of a UTI. Your doctor may also want to write you a prescription. A UTI is common and nothing to be embarrassed about during pregnancy

Sudden liquids

A sudden gush of liquids could mean that your water has broke. This means that you are in labor and should go to the hospital. However, if it is too early, then something else may be to blame. You should contact your doctor immediately and head to the emergency room.

For a first time mother, symptoms and issues during pregnancy are often scary and nerve wracking. For women that are on their 2nd or even 5th child, they may experience things that they never did before. If it always best to talk with your doctor about any issues or concerns that you have. It is better to be safe and keep your unborn child healthy. Unnecessary worrying will only cause further stress in your pregnancy. Talking to your doctor can eliminate a lot of stress.


  1. Dear Hannah,
    Last month I had sex and the condom broke. I took the Morning After Pill about 3 hours later. Then 3 days later, I got my period. It lasted 7 days and was an average period, if not a heavier. It’s been about 5 weeks since then and I still have not gotten my period again. I usually feel very easily upset the week before my period, & I’ve felt that way for about he past two weeks, but still no period. What are the chances that I am pregnant? Please help, my boyfriend is worrying himself sick, and I am as well.

    • It’s possible that you might be pregnant because nothing is 100% preventing against pregnancy. You should go to the doctor because I didn’t know I was pregnant ubtil I was 13 weeks.

  2. Cynthia says:

    When is the right time to go for a pregnant text… Am supposed to see my period on 2nd of March while today is 4th March, I haven’t seen my period… I have gone for a pregnancy text but is negative . am having serious pains on my stomach . thanks very much. Waiting for your reply

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