Condom Broke, Took Next Choice, Now No Period

Hey Hannah,
I have been on birth control for about 4 or 5 months now and the condom broke the day before i am suppose to start my period. So the next day i went ahead and took next choice emergency contraceptive, which was yesterday, but when i went to take the second pill, this morning (12 hours later) i realized i took tablet2 first instead of tablet1, i went ahead and took the other on time as directed.

I was suppose to start my period yesterday, and havent. Will the pill still work the same? Or do i need to buy another? I have taken next choice once before and my period was normal. I usually can time it down to late evening around dinner when i start my period. Is the Next choice why i havnt gotten my period on time? Thank you for your time!

LOLO (21)

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Dear Lolo,

Mixing up the order of the two Next Choice emergency contraceptive pills is perfectly fine. The pills should work as expected. With any kind of morning after pill, it’s hard to predict whether your next period will come on time, be late or be missed altogether. To an extent, it may depend on when you took the emergency contraception (i.e. how close it was to your last period or how close you are taking it to your upcoming period). A girl may take Next Choice one month and have her period on time but then the next month she takes Next Choice again and misses her period completely (and is still not pregnant). Simply put, it’s not uncommon to have your period delayed or skipped after you take emergency contraception; however, it’s also not something that is going to happen for 100% of girls that take the pill. A delayed or skipped period may happen for, perhaps (and please don’t quote me), for 10-20% of girls.

So, yes, my bet is that your taking Next Choice is why you haven’t gotten your period on time. You also said that you have been taking birth control for the past 4-5 months? Is this a daily birth control pill? The “ingredients” in Next Choice are similar to what is found in many birth control pills, except in a much, much higher dose. Your period could have been delayed or skipped due to the combination of your regular birth control pills plus the emergency contraception.



  1. Hi Tiara here
    I had my last period aug 26 thru aug 30. I had sex on sept 8 I took the next choice the next day around 2:22 then the other twelve hours later. I was suppose to get my period sept23 but it never came. It is now oct 3rd. Could prego or could it be because of the pill. Please help !!!

    • Tiara – it’s most likely because of taking Next Choice. However, just to be on the safe side, I’d recommend to take a home pregnancy test. My best bet is that Next Choice did its job and prevented you from becoming pregnant. It’s not abnormal to have your period get messed up after taking the pill.

  2. Hey!
    I had my period about a month ago and about two weeks ago, I had sex and the condom broke. I took the pill two hours later and then the second pill exactly 12 hours later. Its been over a week (11 days) and I haven’t got that expected period yet. I was wondering if it’s possible I’m pregnant? But just yesterday I took two tests and they both came out negative. Is there any other reason why my period could be late? Please help.

  3. I took next choice on the same day I was suppose to start my period. Its been about 6 days since I took the pill and was suppose to my period. To determine if I am pregnant or not, should I wait for my next period which is suppose to come on July 20th? And how long should I wait after jhaving sex to take a pregnancy test?

  4. Hi
    I had sex two days after my period and it was unprotected I got paronoid n took next choice 1-2 hrs before the 24 hrs then took the second one 12hrs later 3 days after I stared to bleed like my regular period which was july 5 last till the july 11 now im specting my period n I think im late I took a pregnancy test but I didnt do my first pee it was the 2nd it came out negative but my period has not come idk if is becaused of the pill next choice or becaused im actually pregnant please help!!!!

  5. Hi, okay I didn’t know where to put this. So here it goes. My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex and I finished inside of her. About 35 hours after she took next choice then 12 later took the second pill. That was Sunday. She was supposed to start her period Sunday or monday I just want to know what the chances of her being pregnant are. She’s only a day and a half or 2 days late. But I’m still scared. Please help. She is also on birth control

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