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  1. Hope Gately says:


    Though your Pregnancy quiz was moderately informative, the very generic readout given afterward is, to say the least, extremely offensive.

    The generalization that “many women who become pregnant without using birth control use abortion as birth control” is very interesting, indeed, and I would love to see the statistics to back this up. Furthermore, saying that women who do not use birth control should “think about changing their behaviors” is extremely judgmental.

    Though I myself am in a happy relationship, with the means either to support a child or to have an abortion, should I so choose, many of the women who visit your site may be scared, poor, in unhappy relationships, and unsure of how to proceed. Instead of providing them generic comments with judgmental overtones, it would be more helpful to provide them with facts and services.

    I’m sure you mean well, so please correct this for the sake of the women who visit your site for information and assurance.

    Thank you.

  2. Annastatia says:

    Hi hannah m 18 years old.i slept with my boyfriend 4 weeks ago and i was on my periods.since last week my breasts and nipples have been sore.thick white discharge have been coming.i juss wanna know im i pregnant?

  3. Hi Hannah I am 30 years old and married… Mg hubby and I have been trying to have a baby but no positive results… I am experiencing irregular menstruation cycles…October to November was 29 DAYS BUT November to December 32 days I am having difficulties to calculate my fertile days… I am worried sick

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