Could I Be 6 Months Pregnant and Not Know It?

I Had Unprotected Sex 6 Months Ago. I Took Plan B 3 Days After Unprotected Sex. I Got My Period Exactly 1 Week After. After That I Didn’t Had My Period For 3 Months. Next Month I Got My Period Again, Although It Was Only Spotting. This Has Happened Twice. I’m Worried I Can Be Pregnant Because According To My Counting I Could Be 6 Months Pregnant. Also I Have Bein Doing Research Where Girls 7 Months Pregnant Still Get Their Period. Please Help Me ASAP

Erika (19)

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Dear Erika,

If you were 6 months pregnant, then, believe me, you would definitely know it – both from your belly and from having a baby moving inside your belly. If that incident 6 months ago is the last time you had sex, and you’re worried that you are pregnant from that incident, but you don’t have a pregnant belly and can’t feel a baby keeping you awake all night because he’s kicking, then you can stop worrying and get a good night’s sleep for a change. Because I highly doubt that you are pregnant.

As far as why your period is irregular, that could be caused by a variety of things. It would probably be good to see a doctor to get their opinion. While Plan B could have messed up your period for the first couple of months, the reason why it’s been messed up for the most recent several months is a good question. However, you would most certainly know if you were 6 months pregnant.

Best luck!


  1. I’ve Bein Feeling Movements In My Stomach, Not Often But I Can Still Feel Them. And As For My Stomach Growing It Has But A Little Not A Lot. The Thing Is I’m Scared Cuz There’s Time Your Pregnant & Do HPT & Still Come Out Negative Or Your Stomach Doesn’t Grow That Much For You To Think Your Pregnant. Also, Its Bein Unconfortable 2 Sleep With My Tummy Down Cuz It Hurts Or Doesn’t Let Me Breath Well. I Get Hungry All The Time & Have 2 Go Pee Often.

    • Hannah,
      I Need Your Response ASAP Please :(
      I’m Still Freaking Out!!

      • Erika,

        I apologize for the delayed response. I don’t think you are pregnant. A home pregnancy test is going to detect pregnancy within a month of you getting pregnant. The symptoms you describe could be caused by a number of different things. Never forget nerves – they can do crazy things! Cheer up and relax. If you are still unsure, then take a final home pregnancy test, but it should come back negative.

        Best luck,

        • My HPT Were All 3 Of Them Taken On Da First Month I Didn’t Got My Period. Which Is 5 Months Ago. Do You Recomend I Take Another HPT?

          • You can take another HPT; however, I really don’t think you are pregnant. I’d recommend checking with your doctor to see what else might be causing your skipped periods and/or spotting. Sometimes it’s just stress or exercise or diet; other times it’s your body letting you know that there’s some other sort of problem which needs to be addressed.

            • Well I Don’t Exercise Nor Do Diets. I Hope I’m Not Pregnant. But I’ve Bein Havinq Back Pains, Sored Breasts, & I Go 2 Da Restroom 2 Often.
              Thankz Though. I’m Going 2 Buy A HPT Tomorrow. Fingers Crossed..

  2. … Any Response?? …

  3. Hannah,

    So As I Said, I Took 2 HPT & One Of Them Came Positive(I Took It First Thing In Da Morning When Urine Is More Consentrated).
    The Next Day(Also First Thing In Da Morning) I Took Another One & It Came Out Negative!!
    Would Should I Do Or Why Do You Thinkk This Happens???


    • Please Help =’$

      • Hannah Please PLEASE Help Me ASAP

        • It’s odd about the test results. Sometimes you can get a false positive if you let the pregnancy test sit around a bit too long. The false positive is usually caused by the urine beginning to dry and leaving what we call a urine line. Why don’t you try another test. I would go to a different store and get a different brand of pregnancy test, just in case the first two you got were from a faulty lot.

  4. Hi, Erika,
    Why don’t you just try straighten with Clear Blue Digital , which will show you straight Are You Pregnant or not on the Digital Screen..

  5. Can a person been pregnancy and seeing period

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