Does Plan B Cause Vaginal Discharge?

Worried (16) writes: Hi Hannah, I had unprotected sex 13 days ago and took Plan B 48 hours later then took the second pill 12 hours later. I am due to get my period today or any day now. But I am experiencing some vaginal discharge. It is odorless, but is kind of like a watery, sticky kind of discharge. Any idea what’s going on?

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Dear Worried,

Vaginal discharge comes in all “shapes and colors.” Truthfully, I’m not aware of Plan B directly having an impact on the type of vaginal discharge a girl will have. I’ve gone over the vaginal discharge basics & types of vaginal discharges below.

Taking Plan B 48 hours after having unprotected sex gives you fairly good odds for not getting pregnant. I would recommend (if there is a next time) to take both pills back to back instead of waiting the 12 hours. Scientists have recently determined that it’s more effective to take the total dose at one time (which is why we now have Plan B One Step). It’s also best to take Plan B immediately after having unprotected sex, as in within the first 12 hours. The sooner you take Plan B (or any other emergency contraceptive), the higher your chances for not getting pregnant.

Since you do still have some risk, if your period does not come, I would recommend you take a home pregnancy test around the day that your next period should have ended. You’ll want to take the pregnancy test first thing in the morning with your concentrated urine for best results.

Best luck,

Vaginal Discharge Basics

When puberty begins, it’s normal to experience a white and/or clear mucous vaginal discharge. This is a sign that your vagina is doing its job and is cleaning itself. The white/clear discharge will then increase as you get closer to ovulation (around the middle of the time between your last period ending and your next period beginning). The “normal” vaginal discharge also increases when you are sexually aroused. It’s just a normal part of girl life, so get used to it :) When you are sexually aroused, your vagina is self lubricating in preparation for having sex.

Note: Many girls find that they don’t create enough natural lubricant before sex and find intercourse to be quite painful; the solution to this is easy – Walmart, CVS and most pharmacies carry what many refer to as “Personal Lubricants” to provide that additional moisture to make sex more enjoyable. Just be aware that if you use too much the guy’s penis will slide around too easily and the lack of friction won’t make sex quite as “fun.” There are even scented personal lubricants which may help make sex even funner for guys who are sensitive to smells (some guys may be repulsed by the unique smells coming from your vagina).

Back to normal vaginal discharge :) Some girls will experience this normal discharge for months or even a couple years before their first period arrives. This white/clear mucous vaginal discharge will continue even after your first period finally arrives. Some girls will find that their vaginas are making more discharge than other girls. Panty liners come in quite handy for this group. Your friends might not need to wear one every day of the week, but don’t be embarrassed if you have to.

Your normal white or clear vaginal discharge may turn yellowish when it is exposed to air. If, however, your vaginal discharge is coming out yellow while it is still wet, then you might have a bacterial infection. In this case, you’d definitely better see your doc.

Types of Vaginal Discharge

Clear & watery: This type of vaginal discharge may occur at different times throughout your menstrual cycle; this discharge may be noticeably heavy especially after exercising or any other intense physical activity.

Clear & stretchy: This is what we term “fertile mucous”; experiencing this discharge typically means that you are ovulating.

White: A thick white vaginal discharge is commonly experienced at the beginning & end of your menstrual cycle. Normal white vaginal discharge is not accompanied by vaginal itching. If itching is present, be aware that a thick white vaginal discharge can indicate a yeast infection, and you should see your doctor for treatment.

Spotting Blood or Brown Discharge: This type of vaginal discharge may be seen shortly after your period comes to an end; this normal discharge is merely an indication that your vagina is being cleaned out. The brown appearance is due to the darker, morbid color which older blood takes on. A spotting blood or brown vaginal discharge may also occur during the middle of your menstrual cycle around the time that you are ovulating.

Yellow or Green: This type of vaginal discharge may indicate an infection is present, especially if the discharge has an unpleasant odor and is thick or has a consistency similar to that of cottage cheese clumps.

Types of Vaginal Infections

You can get these infections at any time – even if you are not currently sexually active.

Signs of yeast infections:
Itching which is intense
A discharge which is white and, as some put it, cottage cheese-like
Pain with swelling around your vulva

Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
Some redness and/or swelling of the vagina & vulva
A fishy odor that is strongest after washing with soap or following sex
A yellowish, gray or white vaginal discharge
Burning and/or itching


  1. I missed my period last month and I did two pregnancy test which were both positive. I don’t have morning sickness but I have headaches, am I pregnant?

  2. alizeantoniette says:

    Hi Lela, I dont mean to scare you, but it seems to me that you are pregnant. It is more common to have a false negative than a false positive, which as you said you’ve taken two and both show positive. And not all women experience morning sickness when pregnant, take it from me, a mother of four. I’d suggest you go see a dr just to make sure. Take care & Good luck :)

  3. Hi Hannah,im 18 and please I really need your help. Im freaking out. My boyfriend came inside me yesterday..the 16th of october ..accidentally ofcourse. And I took the plan b pill one hour later. I took them both at once. My period is supposed to come around 21st of oct. My period is irregular. Ive been feeling really tired lately and ive been having a clear discharge.I was wondering if I should be worried. And when can I take a pregnancy test? And can I drink coffee like two days after the planb pill. Please someone reply. Im freaking out please

  4. hy am precious well I had sex wth my boyfriend without a condom on Saturday at bwt 4pm then I took planB on Monday at 4:30 I took the pills both at once so I dont know if they worked dd they??

    • Precious, Bianca and Michelle! You guys aren’t pregnant! I had the same thing and I ended up not being pregnant! No need to worry. Plan b just really fucks up your hormones. And it boosts progesterone in your body so when you get your period it will rip the lining out instead of just your eggs coming out. Good luck ladies!!

      • Hi. I m just worried about something. I had unprotected sex on 7 dec so I took ecp tab (morning aftr pill) after that I had sex on 13th dec nd I took medicine on 14, 4pills togather nd we actually didnt do proper sex he just rub it over my vagina nd he didn’t ejaculated. Now I had all period symptops breast pain mod swings pain pain nd thick transparent discharge does this mean I am pregnant?

  5. Hi, I had taken the morning after pill Take Action last month and had a normal period but was late in which though I was bleeding just fine.. I ended up taking it again this month due to a hiccup my husband and I had because he couldn’t hold it in.. Well I took the pull the day after the hiccup and days later which this morning I woke up to a perfect small regular amount of blood and a funny smell.. I’ve never had this happen before and worried.. I doubt I’m pregnant since I took it a day after the hiccup.. But never had a smell odor.. It doesn’t smell like a vaginal bacteria odor or fishy.. And I’m barely bleeding which is odd.. Could a possible “loss” happened??

  6. Hae I had plan b on surtuday night now Tuesday and I am experiencing some white mucus staff out of my vigina what might be happening to me

  7. odutayo kazeem says:

    Hi when ever I have sex with my wife she always get tier, what do I do?

  8. Had my period last on d 14th march and lasted for 3days, usually it ought to come 10th if every month , pz am I pregnant?

  9. I’ve stopped breastfeeding for the past 3 years but breast milk is still coming out what should I do?

  10. Jennyxoxo says:

    I had unprotected sex on June 2 my boyfriend came inside me 2 times the next day which is June 3rd like at 3:30 in the afternoon I took the plan b pill one step and today June 4th when I went to the restroom I saw white discharge what does that mean ??

  11. Hailei Roy says:

    Hi, I had sex a week ago and took the morning after pill an hour after (he accidentally came in me) Im experiencing a milky vaginal discharge now, and am wondering if that means im pregnant? I havent missed my period yet, but im so scared. Im 16.

  12. Negative preg test but yellowish discharge and sore breasts

  13. Worried says:

    Hi,had unprotected sex while on my period (a Saturday night ) took the morning after pill the Monday felt a little nauseous but nothing else . My periods are generally irregular and last between 2 and 4 days. In the last few days have had a lot of discharge .. Could I be pregnant? It’s has nearly been a month since the unprotected sex

  14. Hey..iam 20 and I had unprotected sex. I took da plan b one step pill about 2 hours after the sex bt am experiencing a yellow discharge , cd I b pregnant? Am so worried am not ready to have a child?

  15. I took a Plan B about 2 weeks ago after having sex the day following my period ending. I realize that it screws with your hormones, but now is about the time that I should be ovulating and I am now spotting and having strong maternal urges. Like, I never wanted kids in my life but suddenly for the last 2 weeks I am obsessed with having a baby. I also became nauseous at the same time that I noticed the spotting. I read that it’s fairly common for birth control including Plan B to cause spotting between the periods, nausea, and that it screws with your hormones, but is this sudden desire to have a baby something people regularly experience with the pill? Does it mess with your hormones to the extent of making you want to be pregnant? Or is it just my biological clock kicking into high gear because I’m turning 30 in a week?

  16. hy ilost my period for the whole 1 month nd i started 2saw it aftr de nxt month what does it mean

  17. Your all pregnant says:

    Hi ,Ashley , Worried , Lilyian , Sasa, Henny, Sabina , and Jackson I’m sorry to say but You’re All Pregnant !!! See a physician asap and check that the abortion pills are still on market bAbies ..

    • Hi. I m just worried about something. I had unprotected sex on 7 dec so I took ecp tab (morning aftr pill) after that I had sex on 13th dec nd I took medicine on 14, 4pills togather nd we actually didnt do proper sex he just rub it over my vagina nd he didn’t ejaculated. Now I had all period symptops breast pain mod swings pain pain nd thick transparent discharge does this mean I am pregnant?

  18. In scared right now me and my boyfriend talked about this and I have whitish yellow thick like discharge after plan b on step and it feels irritated and itchy type sensation

  19. Hannah Kotekai says:

    Good morning Sir or ma l been have different part of discharge in my private part,what is the cost l been waiting to get pregnant for some yrs now, please tell me the cost of this problem

  20. I’ve done a pregnancy test since 24th of January n it showed positive, but yesterday I started seeing blood. Hope all is well with d pregnancy. I’m scared please, I need someone to help me

  21. My boyfriend and I have protected sex each time, but one time the condom broke on the side, and he didn’t cum but just in case I took the Plan B one step about 2 hours after.. This was January 31st, and I got my period earlier than I would’ve normally – it came the week of February 7th. The last time we had sex was a Sunday, and then that Monday (Feb 20th) I woke up with brown spotting and discharge, it has varied in heaviness and there’s been some blood too- like it looks towards the end of a normal period. It still continues today, so it’s been a week. My period was irregular before, but has been coming more often near the end of the month, so I’m not sure if my body schedule is all messed up from the pill? Please let me know, I am very worried and am unsure if I should see a doctor.

  22. pearlygate says:

    hi my periods was on 12-02-2017 i had sex on the 27-28 february and took plan b norlevo on the 1/03/2017 now its 18 march still no periods im regular 31-32day cycle im recently experiencing hard boobs sore nipples wen i squeeze lower backache sometimes and cramps like those of an upset stomach am i preg or plan b just messes up with my periods

  23. Mrng aftr pills is safe t take thm on time, bt I’m tllng u thy are cool

  24. dozier i says:

    hi, im 15 and me and my boyfriend had sex on tuesday may 2 the condom broke and he came, no more than two hours later we got plan b 1 step and i took it. i dont feel sick or anything not tired, not eating more or less. the discharge is a little concerning but im not sure. the week after the SAME thing happened and we got plan b one step again after like 2 hours. same thing with the not tired and not eating more or less. im not sure if im pregnant or not

  25. Hi I took a “Take Action” Pill almost and hour after I had sex and I am experiencing thick white discharge… what’s going on?

  26. I took plan b in august 31st the same day i had sex in september 5th i got my period , in september 19th i had protected sex ,but then i got light cramps , back pain , my legs started hurting , sore boobs and having a watery white discharge , i dont know if the plan b really messed up my hormones or my cycle , or im just getting early symptoms of pregnancy ??and im super scared

    • Hi. I m just worried about something. I had unprotected sex on 7 dec so I took ecp tab (morning aftr pill) after that I had sex on 13th dec nd I took medicine on 14, 4pills togather nd we actually didnt do proper sex he just rub it over my vagina nd he didn’t ejaculated. Now I had all period symptops breast pain mod swings pain pain nd thick transparent discharge does this mean I am pregnant?

  27. I don’t got my periods. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on October 12 and then my periods are suppose to come at 13th but they didn’t so then I asked my boyfriend to bring plan b for me he got that on 15th and we had unprotected sex then I did take the plan b after 2nd sex and then yesterday I see blood on my underwear I thought that I got my periods but that is just some blood and today is 22 October I’m really worried that am I pregnant???

  28. Have never been pregnant all my life and am really worried if am fertile
    I want to get pregnant how can I do that?

  29. My last period was march 30. I had unprotected sex april 13th and my husband came inside me, i took a plan B april 14. I was scheduled to ovulate april 13th. But April 26th i had slimy cervical mucus, so i assume thats when i ovulated. May 2- May 4 I experienced some really light spotting(didn’t require me to wear a pad). It wasnt painful or anything, and it was mixed in with white CM. Todays is May 11, still no sign of AF, my CM is thick and white and had been like that for a couple of days and ive also been experiencing light cramping more on my left but lower tummy. Went to the doctor yesterday, Pregnancy test negative, no signs of uti or infections( they took blood and checked urine). Does anyone have any clue what might be going on with me?

  30. Makayla says:

    Hey so I had sex with my boyfriend may 16 and I’m not sure if he came inside me . I took a take action 5 hrs after and I haven’t had any discarge and I’m worrying I might be pregnant. Pls help it’s May 20

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