First Time Sex, Used Condom, Period Is Late

Celise (age 15) writes,

My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time on June 6. We used a condom and it did not break or slipped off. I was supposed to get my period the 12th but I never did and I’m still waiting. I haven’t experienced any pregnancy symptoms. I’m scared that I may be pregnant and I don’t know what to do.

My parents would kill me if I told them. I want to take a test but I can’t. I thought maybe i’m stressing a lot about this and that’s why my period hasn’t come. Please PLEASE help me

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Okay so today i took an at home pregnancy test and both the control screen and the littler on were negative. I was wondering when i schould take the second one? me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time and the condom didnt break but i wanna be extra sure cause my period still hasnt come.we had sex the 6th of June my period was supposed to come the 12th…I don’t know how accurate the test was. PLEASE HELP ME CAUSE MY PARENTS CANNOT KNOWW..HELP PLEASEEE.

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Okay so the pregnacny test i took earlier today looked like this I in the bigger screen and – in the smaller one..AM I PREGNANT!?!?!?!

Dear Celise,

Ok – calm down. Let’s go through this “scientifically” and look at your probabilities. Assuming you are on a 28 day cycle, your last period started on or around May 15. Ovulation, on average, takes place 14 days before the start of your next period (June 12), which means that ovulation probably took place for you on May 29, regardless of whether your period is on a 28 day cycle, 29 day or 30 day cycle. The egg is then usually fertile for about 24 hours. Having sex on June 6, therefore, falls during a time when you were most likely not fertile (and couldn’t become pregnant).

Because you used a condom and didn’t notice any semen leaking or spilling out, your odds (even if having sex happened during a fertile time for you) are still very much in your favor against becoming pregnant.

Now, why your period didn’t come could be caused by several things (or the combination of several different things). If this was your first time having sex ever, then that experience could mess up your cycle. Add to that your nervousness over being pregnant, and you have a fairly winning combination for delaying your period (or causing it to skip). Our bodies are crazy about stuff like this, believe me!

With the pregnancy test, you have to carefully read the instructions and do exactly what it says. Many of the cheaper urine home pregnancy test kits can be quite confusing to read. One thing which is easy to do (and then jump to conclusions as a result) is letting the pregnancy test sit longer than the time specified in the instructions. What happens then is the urine begins to dry on the strip and you’ll start seeing urine lines which are a far cry from being a positive pregnancy line.

All in all, I don’t believe your pregnant. But do be very careful in the future – and when you have a quiet moment, take the time to ask yourself if having sex with your boyfriend now is really the best investment you can make to develop an enduring, substantial relationship. If your boyfriend is the one pressuring you to be physical all the way with him, find out if he really loves you or just lusts you.

Best luck!



  1. I had sex almost a month ago,June 2nd, about a week after my period had ended,May 27th. We used a condom and i dont think that it broke. My period hasnt come but its been irregular for almost 4 years now. I used a tampon just in case this week so id be ready if my period did start, there is some blood and some brown stuff on the tampon when i take it out. i took a pregnency test a week after having sex, it was negative but i know that was to early to tell anyway..Im scared to death. i dont know what to do. my parents will kill me! i wasnt even suppose to daate until i turn 16. Im only 15 and a half! please help me!

  2. Pls when is d right time to have sex when looking for pregnancy

  3. I had sex for the first time with my bf he is 17 and im 14 we used condom…i did sex after i had my period bec im was still a virgin so i had my last period on 12 July and had sex on 13 June we used condom…what used i do im i pregnant or not bec i was a virgin i broke it with a boy the condom was not ripped or anything…and i cant go ask my mom for help

  4. Had sex for the first time on june 22. had my period on June after but on July i missed my period…its been 1 whole week and nothing. We used a condom correctley it was not broken or anything. He pulled out with the condom on before anything came out…. I dont feel or think im prego but also verry afraid to get a pregnancy test. I feel like im going to start but nothing comes out i cramp here and there but nothing. I have no sign that i might be pregnant other then tender breast. pls help!! Im freaking out can it be posible that I could be pregnant???HELP

  5. Also it was a day where I could not get pregnant.

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