Frequent Urination after Taking Plan B & Birth Control

Paranoid (18) writes: Hey Hannah, Ok, so i started birth control on january 22, 2012. I had sex with my boyfriend on january 16th, and we used a condom. just recently we had sex again; this happened on january 27th. After we were done, i took the plan b pill less than an hour after the fact, because i was a little worried that the condom broke (he was kind of tugging on it because it was too tight beforehand).

the day after, (ie. the day after i took the pill), i had to pee at Least 8 or 9 times throughout the day. normally, i only have to go twice, three times max in a day, so this was very unusual to me. i didnt drink anything more than maybe 500ml of water that day, if not less, so idk if this excessive urination is a pregnancy symptom? after about the 5th time i went to the bathroom, my urine was barely yellow, and was kind of frothy. I know im probably overreacting, but is there any way im pregnant?

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Dear Paranoid,

I love hard cases :) Let me see if I have the facts all straight:

Jan 16: sex with boyfriend
Jan 22: started birth control (I’m assuming a daily pill?)
Jan 27: sex with boyfriend (condom may have broken; you took Plan B One Step less than an hour after having sex)
Jan 28: frequent urination

And here are some questions for you :)

1) When did your last period begin and end?
2) What kind of birth control did you recently start taking? What brand?
3) Is this the first time you’ve ever been on regular birth control medication?
4) Is this the first time you’ve ever taken emergency contraception (i.e. Plan B or anything similar)?
5) Are you taking any other kind of medicine currently (or herbal products/dietary supplements)?

Once you’re able to get back to me with some answers to my many questions (Lol), I’ll see what I can do to help. On a side note, and not to sound like your mom, but you really should be drinking much more water every day. It’s one of the best things for you (honest!).

Ps: From a getting pregnant perspective, your odds are extremely slim.

Best luck,


  1. Hi Hannah.

    I wanted to post a question but could not open the link for the form so this is my next best bet to get some answers.

  2. Hannah please respond.

  3. I had protected sex on 9th may.
    I got my periods on 14th may and again on 23Rd may.
    I didn’t get my periods in June and today is 4th July and still I am not getting periods.
    Does this mean I am pregnant?

  4. happiness says:

    I had my child last 2008.I am finding it difficult to get pregnant what will I do.

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