Had Sex but Condom Too Big, No Period but Blood on Tampon

Jessica, age 15, writes: I had sex almost a month ago, not long after my period ended. We used a condom, but it was a little big, it didnt look like it ripped or anything but im still freaking out! My period didnt come and its 6 days late. My period has been irregular for 4 years now. I have been using a tampon just in case, and there is some blood on it and some dark brown stuff.. Could i be pregnant? I took a test but only like a week after having sex. I dont know if it was to early to tell. Im so scared. I’m only 15. Please answer this question. Pleasae!

Dear Jessica,

Was this your first time having sex? Do you know how soon after your period ended that you had sex (i.e. was it the day after your period ended or a week after?). After you had sex, did you notice any semen/sperm spilling out of the condom or anything else to indicate that some semen may have gotten inside your vagina? Taking a pregnancy test a week after having sex would be too early. I would recommend taking another pregnancy test today and, assuming that one is negative, taking another one in a week.

Please keep us posted!



  1. Adegbola says:

    Now we need to be more mindful of this type of situation. What business does a girl of 15 have with sex and condoms, for crying out loud she is not 18 yet, even at 18 it’s still not proper because she’ll only end up wrecking her great future. Jessica lets just pray that it’s only a delay in your flow else you’ll end up being a teenage mother because abortion is not an option. Freedom of everything is bane and the cause of such things. Let’s teach abstinence not condoms!

  2. I have not have sex now for one year, now that I have sex I start bleeding.
    What is the problem?

  3. hard truth says:

    don’t be deceived by any guy (boy/girl ) wen you love someone it’s not to prove it by having sex love doesn’t hurt love is kind and patients you can do it . it pays to wait

  4. Emmanuel Eduesi says:

    Hi i had my period on the 6th of January and had unprotected sex on the 12th of January, can i be pregnant if i did not have my period throughout February?

  5. I’m 22 and i have not experienced sex before, i want to know if it can affect my psychology call status?

  6. What is the course of painful sex even when one is not a virgin

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