Had Sex with Condom, Now Period Is Three Days Late

Hi, I’m 21 years and about 3 days late. I know it probably seems too soon to panic, but I can’t help it. My last period ended on the 5th Sep 2011, and my boyfriend and I had sex 2 days after that. We haven’t had sex since. We used a condom but I’m still worried. I’m currently in my final year of college and under a lot of stress with my assignments and stuff. I’m too scared to take a test. What do you think is the probability of me being pregnant?

Natasha (21)

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Dear Natasha,

My guess is that it’s just the stress and worrying about being pregnant which is making your period be late (or skipped). While it is possible to get pregnant when having sex shortly after your period ends, your probability is definitely much lower then. Sperm can live several days inside you, though your ovulation date is probably beyond the typical sperm’s lifespan.

I would still highly recommend you take a pregnancy test. Pick one up the next time you are out and take it first thing in the morning tomorrow or the next day. If you are pregnant, since you had sex on Sept 7, then your body should have plenty of hCG to have it be detected by a pregnancy test. My bet is that the test will come back negative. You’ll want to take the test right away in the morning while your pee is still concentrated for the most accurate results.

Best luck,


  1. this question is from 2011 and you’re just now answering it? She doesn’t need the advice now.

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