Had Unprotected Sex, Throwing Up, Gaining Weight

Jayne writes,

okay I’m 18 and i went to a mud hole concert for the days April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. i had my period somewhere around March 19th. well April 1st i had unprotected sex with my ex and i didn’t think anything of it because i have irregular periods, but about 6-8 weeks later i was randomly throwing up and it just stopped about a a week and a half ago. I’m getting fat, fatter than I’ve ever been and i really don’t even shove my face that much, so there isn’t an explanation to why I’m gaining weight. i took a test and it came out inconclusive. I’m scared and before i tell anyone i want to make sure its possible i could be. someone give me an opinion.

Dear Jayne,

I understand what you’re going through. Having unprotected sex around April 1st could very well have caused sperm to be in your body when you ovulated. Since the first pregnancy test was inconclusive, my recommendation would be to get another pregnancy test (make sure it’s a different brand than the first), carefully read through the instructions on the pregnancy test package. Then, in the morning, with your concentrated urine, take the second pregnancy test. Be sure to check it at the time specified on the package. If it reads negative, ignore any readings you see on the pregnancy test after the specified time (those later readings can be caused by the urine drying).

Please keep us posted! We’re worried with you!



  1. Iam 13 days late for my period. But I am aware that I menstruate irregular. me and my bf had sex last feb 15 and it is unprotected. the first time he came he withdrew it the second time too. but the third time he came to me but he he rapidly withdrew. i don’texperienced some symptoms of being pregnant. I’m a bit worried about it? opinions please?

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