How Long Can Sperm Live Outside the Body?

Adrianna (13) writes: Before i ask my question, id like to explain. im 13 and my boyfriend is 16. we didnt have sex but i was giving him a handjob and he cam on my bed! i l8r that night had (sorta) forgotten about earlier and had masterbated… on my bed… where he had came.

i dont remember washing my hands and i definitly didnt wash my sheets since he came. im scared that i might have just had outercourse sex and that i might be pregnaunt! this was about 3 weeks ago… and i cant remember my last period!

i told my boyfriend about it and he is scared for me that i might be pregnaunt as well. i really need to know how i can tell if im pregnaunt? and what i should do… i really dont want to have a baby. and my boyfriend had suggested taking a special drug that would kill the baby from the inside, but im not so for that. help!?

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Hey Adrianna,

I should have good news for you. If semen (the fluid containing the sperm) is ejaculated outside the human body, the sperm will have a very short “shelf life.” Typically, we’re looking at around 20 minutes to 1 hour. The exact duration depends on the environment which the sperm is in, particularly how exposed to the air it is. Assuming that you didn’t return to your bed and masturbate for at least an hour or more after he ejaculated, you should be good to go.

Usually the danger from a guy ejaculating outside a girl’s body comes from when the semen lands on a sex toy and the girl immediately then starts masturbating with it. Or, a guy ejaculates sperm on a girl’s belly and, in all the lovemaking, some of the sperm just happens to get into her pubic region and then into her vagina. Both of these situations do give the girl a probability for becoming pregnant. However, thankfully, it looks like you are all clear!



  1. Treasure says:

    Please, what it really mean to masturbate and what is plan b after six?

  2. julianaditamey says:

    If I hv sex with husbi the sperm come out n I wt pregnant? wt should I do now.

  3. Please I had sex and my boy fiend cam inside but I didn’t take anything until after 25hr will I get pregnant

  4. Alor ifunanya says:

    Am ifunanya,pls how do i calculate ma ovulation,last month i saw ma period on 26 den dis dec i saw it on 12 which d stuff last 4 3 days pls when should i expect it on jan,nd d variation i think is much ,watz d cause

  5. Hannah Pollard says:

    i am 14 and toy my self in thhe shower my brother normally has one after me and now im worried he cumed on my toy and impregnentt my period is 2 dayslate

  6. I touched my vagina afyer I touched his fun, but I didn’t go inside it. Will I be pregnant,most likely or not very likely.

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