HPTs Are Coming Back Negative but I’m 4 Days Late with My Period

My boyfriend and I have been having sex pretty regularly (about 3x a week) for the last 6 months. Last month I thought I was pregnant and took a HPT and saw an extremely faint two lines, but the following day my period started. Normally my cycle varies between 29-30 days, but my last two cycles were 28 days. I do not use birth control, and were we did not use any contraception. Currently I am 4 days late, according to the 28 day cycle and I took two HPT and both came back negative. I took the first HPT a day before my missed period and the second a day after my missed period. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? When should I retest? Thank you!


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Dear ri84916 (I love the name, btw!),

Was your period late last month too? (i.e. is that why you thought you might be pregnant?) You could very well be pregnant now (based on the 4 days late). I’ve found that most HPTs are best to take the day when your missed period should have ended. Yes, I know some of the HPT packages tell you otherwise, but this is what I’ve found from experience (and we’re talking lots of urine based pregnancy test experience). Why don’t you take another HPT on Sunday. Be sure to take it first thing in the morning with your concentrated urine from the night before. Then, if that one comes back negative (and you still have no period), I would say take another HPT the following Sunday (in the morning again). If that one comes back negative and there is still no period, then you’d better contact your doctor to see what is up.



  1. I have always had irregular periods but for the past 3mos its been coming on the same date which is on the 11th but this month it hasnt come on and im 4 days late! I was at work and my uterus started hurting now im cramping a little and not all that hungry! whats wrong??

  2. I was supposed to get my period November 28th and it is now December 3rd, I am exactly 5 days late and I’ve been feeling pretty bloated, but that could also be because I’ve had a heightened sense of hunger the past couple days. I’ve taken two pregnancy tests and they both come out negative! I haven’t really had an symptoms, no tender breasts like my last pregnancy so it might be because of how stressed I’ve been from my mom being the hospital. I’ll take a couple more tests so please wish me luck!


  3. I have been trying to be bregnant for 8yrs now, de pregnancy is not is not fort coming pls advice me on what 2 do

  4. I had my period on 20th June but today’s date is 21st July 17. I had sex on my ovulation period and ten days after. My breast too is increasing in size can it symptoms of pregnancy?

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