I Think I’m Pregnant but I Can’t Get a Pregnancy Test

worried gurl!!!! (13) writes: ok well im 13 years old and i thank i may be pregnant what should i do!!!!!!! i think im pregnant cause i have every syemtopms beside missing my period!!!!!! and i have no way of goin to the store to get a pregnancy test……. what should i do????????????

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Dear Worried Gurl,

When did your last period end? How long is your normal monthly menstrual cycle? When did you have sex? Did you use a condom? Did he fully “unload” inside you? What kind of symptoms are you experiencing right now?

Did you say that you haven’t missed your period?

Best luck,


  1. worried 14 yr old says:

    hi im 14. I was on depo bc but not anymore… me and my bf had sex with a cheap condom his mother had bought, when we finished abd he pulled out we noticed the condom was inside me still,we had yo pull it out, this was ob july17, now after about six days my boobs began to feel bigger, and my nipples are very sore and i am horny all the time, could i be prego!?

    • 14 year olds shouldnt be having sex!

    • Court 13yrs old says:

      Im 13 i haven’t had sex but ive been experiencing pregnancy symptoms im kinda scared and dont want to tell my mum i haven’t hsd a period for 6 months straight it was my first but could it still be posible can someone reply to this asap please thax

    • Court 13yrs old says:

      Im 13 i haven’t had sex but ive been experiencing pregnancy symptoms im kinda scared and dont want to tell my mum i haven’t had a period for 6 months straight it was my first but could it still be posible can someone reply to this asap please thax am i to young to buy a pregnancy test please tell me im freaking out my stomach has got round im always tired feel sick most of tge time stopped eating loads feel beets in my tummy my boobs are way bigger than they were just in two days someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Worried 14 year old girl says:

    Hey, those symtoms generally don’t occur that quick after having sex. It could just be your hormone’s growing or changing. cause that does happen when you are sexually active. If you miss your period and start to feel nausea and pains then yes i would go and get a pregnancy test just too be sure :)

  3. ive had sex on july 14,2012 and im 18. i cant get a test and im moody and my nipples are REALLY sore. i have darkness around my navel and i use the bathroom all the time n im sleepy more then normal. im starting to notice that im getting a little bit bigger but maybe im just freakin out. oh and im on IUD so im not sure… PLEASE help me

  4. To The person who says 14 year olds shoudnt be having sex, yes that is true but there are alot of people having babys at a young age. No it oes not make it right but its happening alot.

  5. I’m 16 and me and my boyfriend have been having sex.. When we do, my period is on time and comes about 4-5 days after.. This time, (I just had sex on Feburary 6, 2013) I haven’t gotten my period.. I have this ‘Period Diary’ app on my iPod and it says my period should be coming but i’m still scared!… Me And my bf think i’m pregnant.. We use a condom all the time but i’m still scared!.. I can’t get a pregnancy test!!!! I don’t know what to do!!!

  6. I’m 11 an I think I’m pregnant. Help me I haven’t had my period I’m 15 pounds more than I usually am and I’ve been vomiting

    • Elizabeth says:

      If you haven’t had your peirod yet it’s pretty unlikely for you to get pregnant, but it is possible. And for the 15 extra pounds, it could just be your body going though puberty or you just need a work out…. I’m not a doctor so I can’t really explain any of this, but I would tell your mom, even a teacher or safe, trusted adult.
      Good luck!!

      • Ok I’m 13 and im a virgin but I’ve dry humped my bf a lot and I know it’s nearly impossible but I’m still very scared! I can’t buy a pregnancy test without my mom knowing. I’m not experiencing many symptoms but I do feel bigger. He has also fingered me and I’ve given him a hand job but nothing like true sex. I know its stupid and im to young but i was experimenting. Please help I’m really scared!

    • im 12 and i had the same symptoms i think im pregers too

      • 11and allegedly pregnant says:

        I think I’m pregnant. I’m 11 and I haven’t started my period or had sex. I may have come in contact with sperm but it didnt get inside of me.
        My symptoms are:
        Feeling nauseous
        Belly hair
        Tender breast
        I had an inny belly button but now outty.
        Big belly
        Gained about 10 lbs

        Havent ate that much

  7. jennifer says:

    hi so umm
    to the little kids having sex, maybe if you go outside and play instead of opening your legs being little hoes. you wouldn’t be in this situation.
    if you do get pregnant. I feel sorry for the baby, and your parents because their the ones going to be raising it. our not even old enough to get a job how are you going to support another life when your so young and irresponsible as it is. pathetic what the world has come to.

    hope you learned your lesson.

    • Catherine says:

      Fuck you. People should do what they please whenever the fuck they feel like it. If they feel like it’s their fucking time at 11 or 14 or 35 thats their fucking choice. And it’s alright. What’s not alright is you being a fucking asshole about it and judging them. They aren’t being fucking irresponsible, people can find ways to cope with shit.
      It’s people like you that make the world pathetic you judgemental cunt.

    • Nottelling youmyname says:

      If you’re gonna cause more stress on her, go take that *** on somewhere else. *** you and your ***!

    • no name says:

      i just want to say dont post on here about that. If u really want to be saying this than get ur ass up go outside and do something about this. Make sure u dont have kids doing it. Dont waste ur time telling people on the internet that u dont even know not to do this. they r not ir children are they?!

    • Thus websirlye is to help all who are worried! You getying on tjis website and posting those comments is only making these girls feel more stressed, scared, and confused! If they did something that you don’t like keep it to yourself and simply live your life by teaching your kids what you believe. But don’t you DARE ever try to tell girls that they are being stupid or they are to young because it’s not your life!

  8. ok so im 19 i started taking ortho tri-cyl sence january 2013 never missed a phill but i had a intimate moment with my bf on one of my period phills.so my question is when is it a good time to have sex without Being worried about pregnacies

  9. Worried 18 yr old says:

    I had raped a month ago and he came in me, but it wasn’t deep in me. I haven’t had me period since then and i can’t get a pregnancy test without my parents being suspicious. What am I supposed to do?

    • If it was rape then that’s an illegal crime. Your parents should understand if it was rape and help you through this. Also if you can drive you can buy a home pregnancy test and the throw it away in a garbage can no one would see.
      I hope this kind of helps!

  10. Karina (15) says:

    I been sexually active for 6 months since 14 February 2014. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago, but I still had sex with him. Now I’m not having sex with him at the moment. About 2 months ago my ex thought that the condom was ripped when he went to flush it down the toilet. But my period had come on the following month. This month I have missed my period and I been sick for a couple of days 2 months ago. The last time we had sex, we both were drunk. The most thing I’m worried about now is that I could be pregnant. I’m sometimes sleepy during day time, and I feel sick quite a lot. My ex as moved on from me, but I still haven’t as I’m worried about myself. I’ve also been stressed a lot about it lately, and I’m starting to smoke. Sometimes during day time I start to shake, could it be depression? I also have had lots of mood swings for the past 2/3 weeks. I cannot get a pregnancy test as I’m underage and can be caught by parents. I know its a stupid mistake I have done, but there isn’t anything I can do with that now. I just need some advice. I’m scared to buy a pregnancy test as I don’t want to find out that I could be pregnant. </3 my boobs and bum have got bigger and so has my belly, but I haven't picked up or lost weight as I haven't been eating much for the past 2 months.

  11. Hi
    I’m twelve years old and I was raped about three months ago by a 22 year old. Well I feel a heartbeat in my stomach and I’m very nervous. I’m on my period and I hurt very bad. My cramps are always HORRIBLE. And I just felt my belly and I’m flipping out.. Please help.. And don’t hate..

    • Elizabeth says:

      I know you may not want to tell your mom or dad, but it’s the best thing to do. And if the man was 22 and your 12, and raped he did an illegal crime, I suggest calling a doctor for help and medical care… Just say calm and don’t worry…. Good luck !!!

  12. Im sori bt..U hve no ryt to judge them..if u ever gt or hve kids i f3l sori 4 them..u shuld rada try n educate n promote gudt n posive thngs to these kids..we al make mistakes nd yeah wht if thy hve sex dnt we al?its bcauz our elders neva took the opertunity to talk to our kids about sex n pregnancy thy go wth wht friends say..thy also wana experience these thngs wheter it s sex alcohol or drugs somehow someway thy want to do it..rada than ugly hurtful words..cnt we rada b the biger persons nd make a change in the lyfs of our youngsters..thy r stil kids thy n3d the lov n suport frm us..thy n3d our advice nd wisdom..plz dnt gt me rong im nt saying its ryt tht thy hve sex at 9 or 10yearz..or 4 thm getng pregnant..its just that let us as the parents educate our kids..let us advocate 4 our kids lets show thm ryt frm rong..lets talk n b open with our kids.is tht 2 much to ask..cauz i f3l sori 4 our kids who stl have to go tru lyf..

  13. kimberly lee says:

    I think i am pregnant but i don’t know. how do i find out if i’m pregnant or not.

  14. kelly. 14 says:

    Hey ♡ I’m 14 & I had sex about 6 weeks ago without a condom. Lately I’ve been feeling sick every night , I’m more tired than usual and I think I might be pregnant :( please help ?

  15. Cassie 13 year old says:

    I’m 13 years old and i think that I’m pregnant. Can I buy a pregnancy test? If so where can I buy it from? Will the people who sell them ask me loads or a few questions? I have had a heartbeat in my stomach. I don’t know what it is . please let me know soon. My stomach has got a bit bigger than usual.

  16. I’m 15 and I might be pregnant but I can’t buy a pregnancy test what do I do?!?!?

  17. um hi im 12 and i had alot of sickness in morning and sore boobs hurting stomach. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AND I CANT GET A PREGNANCY TEST.

  18. im 14 i had sex a couple of weeks ago i am scared to tell my parents too…idk what they r gonna say. It hasnt been time for my period yet…is there a way i can know fast? i have no way to get a pregnancy test. I need to know please someone help i want to make sure that there is a reason behind me being sick dizzy hurting and very tired? I feel terrible. if i am does anyone know how to tell someone that would probs ground u for life if they found out? i need to hide it some how if i am? i was thinking about hiding. running away for a little to my grandpas. im so scared?! plz help?

  19. kristen Dunbae says:

    well I know how y’all feel cause I was raped when I was 8 by a 50 some old foster parent of mine and my nipples and Stuff are sore sometimes and I always feel like theres a baby In side of me but I also adhad Abnormal Periods I would miss them and they would come and go at times and I am 17yrs old Girl going in my senior year in 3months and the first time I had sex I had Blackish Discharge come out on to my underwear and I was scared on what it was and I still don’t know what it is Does anybody have any clue or anything they can tell me on what it was I would really appreciate it

  20. Im 14 and there is the 15 year old down the road.. he pressured me into sex and he was only inside me for about 10-20 seconds bc his sis caught us, but I noticed my stomach has gotten bigger. This happened about a month ago and I got my period like 2 days after… but im nervous and horrified I might be pregnant.. I havent gained any weight.. and havent had lornimg sickness and my boobs arent soar or anything.. I couldn’t bear to tell mom or dad.. someone pls help me

  21. kayla jenie says:

    Hi im 14 , i know thats very wrong having sex at that age and i fell bad about it and sad but me and my boyfriend been having unprotected sex lately (3x) but he never nut in me but recently im getting back pains stomach achs late periods and very tired im very scared because i dont think im ready but if i am pregnant i will raise that child in this world and i dont care what people say but im very scared i dont want to tell my mother so she dont go crazy and im not pregnant but someone please help me idk if i pregnant or not im scared to go buy a pregnancy test at the storee!!

  22. I am 16 and I have sex on nov 19 and now it’s Dec 18 and I stared my period . but I have been feeling like I’m pregnant
    could I be even if I started on the first month ?

  23. Ariana Bonilla says:

    Hi I’m 14 I didn’t have sex but I was doing laundry one night and I had to go to the bathroom and a guy came out but he looked. Like he did something I didn’t see anything when I went in but when I sat on the seat it was stickey and my belly is getting big and i missed my period and Iam waiting for the 25 tho see if anything comes but I usually get it on the 5,10 or the 15 but I haven’t got it and I’m scared but I told my mom I never had sex but she doesn’t believe me and I never let a boy near down there please help I’m worried Ariana

  24. Ok I’m 13 and im a virgin but I’ve dry humped my bf a lot and I know it’s nearly impossible but I’m still very scared! I can’t buy a pregnancy test without my mom knowing. I’m not experiencing many symptoms but I do feel bigger. He has also fingered me and I’ve giving him a hand job but nothing like true sex. Please help I’m really scared!

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