If I Think I Just Got Pregnant, Should I Continue Taking Birth Control Pills?

Kaley, age 17, writes:

Hi everyone, just needing some opinions. Okay well las week I missed a week of my birth control. Sunday I started back takin them. I missed my Time on Tuesday . Bt yesterday I had unprotected sex. He pulled at the last min. Wiped it off then put it bck n me. I also just got off my period like 4 days ago. Bt my question is if I keep taking my birthcontrol until 2weeks wen I can take a hpt. Will that hurt me or the bby? What should I do?

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Dear Kaley,

Had you been on birth control for several months before missing your week? Do you know which week it was (in your pack of birth control pills) that you missed? If you are pregnant, you’re fine continuing to take the pills until you experience a positive pregnancy test. That won’t hurt you or the baby. But if your pregnancy test comes back positive, then you’ll need to stop taking the birth control pills. If the pregnancy test comes back negative, then, from now on, you’d better come up with a more reliable way of remembering to take your birth control at the same time every day!

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  1. Hi kaley you should be fine.! Have you taken a pregnancy test yet let us know what when you take one if u are pregnant or not. Hope all works out for you. x

  2. oluwatosin says:

    Ow can I be pregnant ? Seven years caught ship but no baby and my guy need it wat can I do please help me

  3. Precious says:

    Pls I feel some movement in my stomach but I go for pregnancy test is negative and I do see my period in every month, does that means am pregnant bcs I don’t understand

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