Just Started Seasonique, Been Bloated & Had Little Spotting

Jenny, age 16, writes, “Hi, so i am on seasonique currently. i had just started it on May 24th and i had unprotected sex on June 5th, my last period started may 20th. I took EC about 9 hours after the incident and i took pregnancy tests on days 19, 21, 23, and 24 after the incident and they were negative. But the past two days i have been extremely bloated and i have spotted a little, also my boobs look really veiny and bigger. I’m not sure if this is when my period would normally have been if i hadn’t been taking seasonique and that’s why i’m having these symptoms, or if it’s because i could be pregnant.

please tell me wether you think i could be pregnant still or not!

i’m freaking out :( “

Dear Jenny,

Your symptoms are most likely just side effects of starting Seasonique. I wouldn’t be too worried at all. You actually didn’t need to even take any emergency contraception on June 5/6 as Seasonique should fairly safely be working once you’ve had 7 daily doses. As with starting most any new kind of birth control medication, there will be some side effects. Most of these side effects will gradually fade away as your body gets used to the new medication; with some women, there may be lingering side effects that may require you see your doctor and have an alternate birth control prescription. Most likely, though, if you give your body enough time, you’ll be fine.

One little note of fine print as a “disclaimer” of sorts :) I’m assuming that you’ve been faithfully remembering to take your Seasonique pill at the same time every day, correct? If you have missed more than 2 pills back to back, then your risk of pregnancy does increase.

Good luck!


  1. I’m having a major problem! I’m late on my period and I’m worried that I may be pregnant, me and my boyfriend had sex last month (25 th of March) yet the condom slipped off we put another on straight away and carried I as normal however my period is now one day late and I can’t help but worry as my friend has just had a pregnancy scare herself – I am also due to visit the gynaecologist some day this month following on from a previous medical problem but I have not told my mum hat I have lost my virginity an am scared that if I am pregnant (Still praying that I’m not) they will know an it will be really awkward, OMG I’m totally freaking out does anyone have any advice please or am I just being paranoid?

  2. I think I might be pregnant, but I’m not sure. I have taken a lot of online pregnancy tests and almost all of them. I have fatigue, bloating, morning sickness, tender breasts, and I’ve been outgrowing some of clothes. Do you think I might be pregnant?

  3. Please I am late for 2 days and I did an home test to at and it came out negative . Could be am pregnant ?

  4. My last period was on 2nd of April, 2016. I am due since on the 25th, it’s been missed as it’s supposed to be day 3 of my period. I’m I pregnant?

  5. Please my friends I have a big problem my period comes on 27th September end on 2nd October and have sex with my boyfriend two times no that month since that time I have fill pain in all my body and I have not see my period and I have to call him and ask whether he ririz on me and him sead no I’ma confused I have go pregnant test

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