Missed 4 Days of Birth Control Pill, Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

gorgeousAnnie, age 17, writes,

I had sex 3 days ago and I’m on the pill, I had missed 4 days of the pill and I suffer from poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I drank the pill of the 4 days that I missed right after having sex, he pulled out before he ejaculated. Is there a chance of me falling pregnane and do you know of any birth control pill I can take now? Am I worrying for nothing?

Dear Annie,

Has your doctor talked with you about the common side effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? Many women with PCOS experience infrequent ovulation which may result in irregular or even prolonged periods. Doctors typically prescribe different medications which can then help control your menstrual cycle and fertility. For me to be able to more accurately speculate, I would need to know if you are on any medication for your PCOS as well as what type of birth control pill you are taking.

Typically, for women without PCOS, missing 4 days of daily birth control pills, can permit a woman to become pregnant. Taking the 4 missed pills at one time after the fact won’t necessarily be the “cure” for missing the pill for several days.

Some people opt for the morning after pill (e.g. Plan B; which is a super high dose of the same chemicals found in daily birth control pills); however, the morning after pill is less effective as time progresses on after having sex, and emergency contraceptives then would actually function as an abortifacient, triggering a very early abortion since the sperm would have already come in contact with the egg.

How regular are your periods? I’m assuming that no condom was used? Do you know when your last period started & ended?


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