Missed Period for 2 Months, Boobs Larger, Pain in Belly & Chest

Sailor moon (14) writes: I am 14 and I have never had sex but I really think I’m prego. I know it is impossible but I am committed to classical ballet and have often been called anorexic, my belly is very large at the lower pelvic area. I normally would go crazy over my fav foods but now they make me sick, all I want to eat are popsicles. My lower belly and chest really hurt like he’ll I want to cry. I pee a lot and can’t poo, I had some of the worst headaches of my life. This is not all but please I really need help. :(

P.s. I have missed my period for 2 months and my boobs have grown a few sizes.

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Dear Sailor moon,

I don’t believe you are pregnant; however, I would strongly recommend you see your family doctor as there many be something else going on. It’s not uncommon to skip your period if you’re not eating a well balanced diet; however, the other symptoms you describe (lower belly and chest hurting; constipation; large lower belly) may be signs of something more serious.

I would strongly recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible – in other words, tomorrow if at all possible.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help,


  1. sailor moon says:

    OMG thanks i know i doubted it but i looked on some sites and really scared myself thanks for all your help.

  2. Sure thing, Sailor Moon :)

  3. maricruz says:

    I had a period in feb. 2012, now it April 10 no period and a negative HPT. My boobs are a lil fuller and I do get a tingly sensation every other day, sometimes it feels like when I would breastfeed. I also feel in my lower abdomen some tighten ike if somethings is in there. I’m 36 goin on 37 and I think I might be Pregnant, but I’ve had many disapptments… help me figure this out for once…

  4. ladii.diamond says:

    I’m 23, from day one of me ever having my period it has been seriously inconsistant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex often, like everyday and three times a day. Now during the month of October I had my period after we had sex which was odd because I had already had it two weeks prior both times only. Lasted for 4 days. Then I had another period on Nov 3 which also lasted 4days and during that time we did have sex. Now its December and I’m 3 days late. With all sorts of symptoms nausea, breast tender. Headaches lower back pain food cravings extreme hunger and urinating cramps and extremely. Fatigue. Help me please

  5. williams Omonemi says:

    Hi l had my period dec. 14 and i missed it for one month and two weeks, and l was having cramp and yesterday i saw a little blood but not heavy i am still feeling cramp and i went for test but it was negative i am still feeling cramp. Pls i need advice

  6. precious says:

    I tink I am a month pregnant although I aborted it BT am stil feelin sick as if am pregnant…. Wat can i do

  7. Am 28yrs old and I had my menses on January but I’ve forgotten the actual date since then I’ve not had it again but I’ve done urine test at home it shows negative but still the menses is not coming, I feel pains in my breast n it has become big of late please help me out.

  8. i miss my period since 14 August last month and i am not pregnant what will i do

  9. Habibamohammed says:

    My name is Habiba please a friend of mine told me when she is having sex she doesn’t feel anything and people are saying sex is sweet bu t she don’t so she needs your advice and what will she do to make feel something

  10. Isioma Emmanuella Idegwu-Adidi says:

    I have a problem, when I was in ma teenage years, I had experienced a delay in ma menstrual cycle, I didn’t see ma period for 3-4 months, ma mum took me to the hospital and the doctor had to ask me to if I was sexually active, but I told the doctor I haven’t had sex at all and she recommended a hormonal injection (progesterone) and it has been regular, but as I grow older in ma 20’s and 30’s it tends to fluctuates and comes back, I am married and given birth, after birth it fluctuated, but latter became regular, but all of a sudden ma period stopped since August and this is the month of October and I have n’t since it, and ma husband and I want to plan to have anoda child, so what would be the cause of it and the solution for it as well, please give me Advice tanx.

  11. Olutayo E O says:

    I’m 46, I have been having irregular menses since last year 2016. I saw my menses 26 of September and in October 13, I did not see that of November, I saw it 1st of January 2017 for 4days, I did not see my menses in months of February and March, I saw it April 18. All these, I have done pelvic scan to know if I had problems but the results says nothing is wrong with me. Am anxious to get pregnant. What can I do. I need your help please.

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