Missed period & negative pregnancy test

I haven’t had my period in 3 months and test results are negative, should I go to my OBGYN?  Sara


Yes, it is typically recommended that if you miss your period more than 2 times that you see your OB/GYN to determine what might be the cause.  Even if it’s just stress related, it’s usually reassuring to consult with a professional health provider–just in case.

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  1. kristen says:

    I have not had a period for 2 months now and every urine preg. test has came up neg. i have had bad pains in my stomach and awaiting ultrasound tomorrow. but i am really scared. does anyone have any ideas on what is going on with me. i also have felt something like a bone in my left side of my stomach.

  2. I turned 30 in April and that was the last time I had a period. I’ve taken 4 EPT pregnancy test and they all were negative. I have 2 kids and with them I took the same test and they were positive. I go to the doctor on next week.

  3. Hi

    Im 2 months late of my period it was 25th June and im normally on time, but i havent come on and still not showin any sign of commin on, me and my bf did have sex around the time i shud ovualate . i’ve done 2 home tests they came bk neg, and a doctors blood test came bk neg, im not stressed or anything like that, i have been gettin stomach cramps but not period, im tired, and going loo quite a bit, my boobs a slightly sore to touch, ive had other tests to but all came bk im fine n healthy. i have been pregnant twice before but sadly misscarraied so i know wot the symtoms are, but on my 1st i had no symtoms.
    i really need to know wot is happening.

    cant u please help and giv me sum advice


  4. hey thats the same with me i am 2 months late with my periods and getting cramps in my stomach i did 9 home pregnancey tests and the doctors blood qualitative test came out to be negative too i had taken one emergency contraceptive i dont know when but i really wanna know whats going on can any one help me i dont knw is it contraceptive pill or what thanks

  5. Hi! I’m more then 2 months late and have had many home test all negative and a blood test that was also negative. Could I still be???? Does anyone know???? They gave me pills to take are they safe????

  6. OMG! i have a similar situation! i took plan b and i haven’t gotten my period for almost 3 months… i’ve taken 7 pregnancy tests and all have been negative. idk what’s going on. has anyone from previous posts gotten any answers??

  7. Hi I’m wondering why i haven’t gotten my period last month my period was a week late it came on, on Oct. 16 , and was brown instead of red blood it lasted about 4 days. Before this i took a blood test came out negative. Then this month i haven’t got my period at all today is Nov. 22 . I have been having pregnancy symptoms i took a pregnancy test a couple days ago in the afternoon it came out negative, but i still have no period i keep feeling like throwing up and feeling weird movement in lower abdominal and some noises. Also been peeing alot get hungry alot also. HELP!! what is wrong with me? Can i be pregnant?

  8. Well I have not had a period since Sept. I has been two months. I have taken 4 test at home and they were neg. I call my doc and he told me to wait to come see him. I get freaked out cause I watch that show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. I have also had weight gain, mood swings, and craves of food. Does anyone have any answers for me?

  9. kelly rabey says:

    i havent got my period in 3 mounts and im not prggo , what shoud i do?

  10. Ive taken the lab blood work 3weeks ago and they were nagative and now my period is 4 1/2 days late what should I do could I be pregnant?

  11. I had sex with a guy recently and we used protection and I am on birth control but I missed my period. I took two pregnancy tests and they both came up negative but I still feel like something could be wrong. I don’t know what to do.

  12. hi i need answers!! the last time i got my period was about dec. 12 or somthin its now feb3 and still nothing, i took 3 preg. tests and there all neg. i feel crampy every few days but there is nothing, could i be pregnant??

  13. I had sex in late april . bleed 2 days later very light for 2days wen I usually haue my period 5-7 days. It came early that time and the 2months after that it was the same juss came on like the 29th or 30th. Which is not normal. But yesterday I went to the hospital to get a blood test it came out neq. I’ve takin 4 hpt’s and they were neq. But I have many pregnancy syptoms && I swear I feel flutters and pokess and pushn n my stomache. Euen with my hand on it. Mostly wen I lay down still for a long time. I’m really freaking out b I know what my body is tellin me and how I feel but the hospital won’t do anything bc of the neq test results. It’s understandable but they need too remamber everyone is different!. It’s not n my head either. I’ve been tryn not to think about it but the way I feel I can’t help so can anyone help mee?. Plllllllllzzzzzzzz. This happen too anyone??. Bt u were pregnant. Also I’m tryn to find some1 to do an ultrasound. And also I’ve gained 8 pounds n the las 3-4 mnths .. This is drivin me nshane!!!!. What does anyone think… ( read alot of storys like diss.. & they were preqnant,, nd after 3 mnths yoo hcg levels drop. So hard to pick up on an test. Or could b the “hook effect” . Look it up)

  14. @kristen,,we have common problem,,what is the result of your ultrasound????

  15. had unprotected sex on the 27th-29th of March, Last week i started to feel sick, and my breasts have gone tender. i took 2 pregnancy tests, both negative. but why do i feel like im pregnant. i havent had a pimple show up yet wich usually indicates that my Period is due. if i took a blood test today would it show in levels of HCG iif i was pregnant?

  16. Hi
    I had my last period on the 9th of MARCH 2011
    and had unprotected sex on the 27th-29th of March,
    My cycle is usually 30-34 days
    .. Last week i started to feel sick, and my breasts have gone tender. i took 2 pregnancy tests, both negative. but why do i feel like im pregnant. i havent had a pimple show up yet wich usually indicates that my Period is due. if i took a blood test today would it show in levels of HCG iif i was pregnant?

  17. i am 26 years old i have missed my period going on 2 months this Friday. I have taken 3 tests and they all came up negative. I have been having frequent headaches, feeling sick to my stomach, i have been feeling tired all the time, i have also been a little moody and i have am gaining weight. What should i do?

  18. i had my last period in march it is now the beggining of june and still no signs of a period. i have taken 2 home pregnancy test both were negative, but i have had some symptoms of being pregnant like i am tired all the time, i have gained a few lbs, im always hungry, very moody and i have started to get some acne which i have never had before. can someone please help me im so confussed.

  19. Hi, I really need some advise I’m 21 and already have a little girl of 4, iv just finished my depo jab, and about 3 weeks ago i experienced cramping at work took a pregnancy test came bk neg, 2 weeks ago been feeling a weird sensation in abdomen (can’t really explain it) but it seems to be there all the time, been having light cramping, feeling tired, lower back ache, sickness on and off and 3 days ago I found a small light bloody discharge had no more since iv done 3 more hpt since first one all neg and blood test neg, soo frustrating I can’t help but think I’m preg. What do u think please please help! Thanks xx

  20. I am 2 months late took 9 hpts all neg and 2 blood tests neg as well. I am nauseous tired dizzy and have frequent ha. I also have abd cramps I go see the gyn this week any advice? Could I be pregnant?

  21. Ok so I had unprotected sex about 2 to 3 months ago I took the morning after pill n I got my period then it happened again so I took the pill again and I didn’t get my period. Since then I have been getting my period every month I’ve also tooken 3 pregnancy tests all said negative but I have been feeling weird moving n stuff in my stomach don’t really know how to explain it could I be pregnant or is it all just in my head??!

    • Dear Griselda – It’s most likely your nerves; however, sometimes something else is going on (other than pregnancy). If it keeps up, it’s always best to talk with your doctor and see what they have to say. And I say this from experience :)

  22. nikkilopez says:

    Hi, I haven’t had a period in 3 months. I have a lot of bad stomach pain in my mid to lower stomach so bad sometimes I cry. I get a sick feeling in my stomach but I never vomit. I also have a pain in my side and lower back. My pants are to tight on me now and they hurt my stomach so I cant wear my blue jeans any more. I have took 6 home pregnancy test and all were negative. I had a blood test done about a month ago and it was also negative. Can a blood test be wrong and i be pregnant? If not then what is wrong with me. PLEASE HELP ME! I dont have the money to go to a doctor and I need to know what is wrong with me.

  23. nikkilopez says:

    Oh and one other thing when i went to the health department the nurse told me my cervix was tender. What does that mean?

  24. im 16 years old n im miss my period 3 months now …………..i used pregnancy test n it shows negative wat can i do

  25. Hi I’m hoping someone can help! I’m 21 and I had my period september 17 my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the the late day of my period 24th of sept. we used the pull out method and 2 days later I started feeling nauseous and having alot of back pain and headaches I took plan b 72 hours later and got anotjer period september 29th. it was a medium too light flow and was a brownish red it lasted 6 days.. I’ve had bloading everyday since I’ve also been gassy and moody and peeing alot still having alot of backaches and sharp headaches it’s now october 23 and still no sign of a period I’ve had alot of milky white discharge. I took 5 pregnancy tests and they were all negative also took a blood tests and that too was negative my brests are sore from time to time but nothing too bad.. I’m really confused. Am I pregnant or Could this be from plan b!?

    • Reeny,

      It does sound like it’s just Plan B messing with your body. By taking Plan B so close in time to your period, it can cause what we refer to as withdrawal bleeding. Plan B can also cause your next period to be delayed, to come early, or to be skipped altogether.

  26. Iam 21/2 years married but this is the first time my menstruation delayed for 4 days, the truth is Im so excited to have a baby.. i took twice pregnancy test but unfortunately its a negative result. This past two wks my breast nipple is in pain.. I dont know what will I do please advice me.. For so long i always prayed and waited to have a baby. Thanks..

  27. Hi, did any of you ever discover you were pregnant ? I usually get my period every 3 weeks. I’ve not had a period now since the 10th December. I have done 3 pregnancy tests, all of them were negative. I went to my doctors, who asked if I’d done tests. I said yes and they were negative. He sent me for some blood tests. It showed my hcg level at 1323 . He wrote on my notes that I was probably ovulating. He asked for another pregnancy test so i got the surgery to do another urine test. That came back negative. Yet I’ve still no period. The doctor said he will review me in 3-4 weeks . I’m always on time and never miss a period. He’s checked to see if my thyroid is ok and also checked if I’m on the change. But I’m not. Help :-/

  28. Kellyplusone says:

    Hey Tracey! I don’t have any answers for you, But I am having similar issues. My last period was Jan 11-17 and I haven’t seen another since. I cramped in Feb when it was due but no sign of a period. Its now mid-March and I am 57 days (8 weeks) late. I’ve taken countless Preg test and they were all negative. Had some nausea and breast just got tender over the last week but no evidence. I went to my OB Feb 20th and my pelvic exam was normal but she did no preg test. She put me on prenatal vit. and told me to wait. I’m waiting and its torture. I’m really not sure where to go from here. I’ve been having some weird fluttering in my lower abd that I’m not use to and lately feel like I need more sleep than I ever needed. Hope all turns out well for you. . . . . I’ll stay posted. HELP!!!!! IF ANYONE CAN RELATE!

    • I had the same situation and guess what 3 weeks later I done my test and it was positive the fluttering u feel in ur tummy is the baby moving!!! you better be calling ur dr and letting her know I think its time for u to have an ultrasound…. congrads hon.. ~Sincerly, Midwife…Angel Dover

  29. Hi im having the same issues. I havent had a period since feb.14, 2012. Ive taken 5 pregnancy test and all negative. My husband and i have been married for 7yrs and have been waiting for a baby but havent had one. Then this happened could i be pregnant ive had lower back pain, headaches, nauseas, been peeing alot and my husband says im really moody and emotional lately. Ive gained 8 pounds in the last 2 months and sometimes i get this feeling in my stomach kinda like a muscle spasm. Please help am i pregnant and advice will help. Thanks Diana

  30. suzanne g. says:

    I haven’t had a period for 2 months.( Feb. 28th was my last menstrual.) I have been getting migranes and feeling sick to my belly. I can’t get enough sleep and kim gaining weight. Pregnancy test are coming back negative and I’m not stressing out. Certain smells get me really sick but I’m not able to puke or anything. I’m freaked out right now. Can someone help me out or something. I even get crying spells for no reason. If someone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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