My Period Is 5 Days Late with Nausea & Headaches

Sherry (age 24) writes, “My period is 5 days late at this point Ive been having lower back ache not constantly but off and on for about two weeks, I’m not on any form of birth control I hate to admit, but the only “form” of birth control is withdrawal. I do have nausea but it is not uncommon for me since i usually get that a week before my period but no period and still nausea and been having headaches like crazy for about the past two weeks

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Hey Sherry,

Have you ever been pregnant before? How frequently have you had sex over the past month or so? Did your boyfriend indicate not withdrawing in time? Have you ever experienced an irregular menstrual cycle in the past?



  1. Maira Khan says:

    I was on clomid 100mg per day from day 2-7 of my menstural cycles. my dute date was 13 march and now its 20 th march, no signs of bleeding but having severe backache, temperature and headache.
    I took a home pregnancy test today and it turned out negative.
    Am i pregnant ?

  2. I’m 20 years old and have one child that is 2 me and my fiance want another one and have been trying. Well my period was supposed to start march 5th and I have been having alot of headaches. I finally started spotting a little on the 13th of march not a normally period for me at all. It lasted maybe 3 days. And now its gone. I have been sick feeling every now and then during the day and right before I lay down for bed. as soon as I lay down and get comfortable I’m out. I have been feeling so tired like I have not been getting enough sleep. could I be pregnant?

  3. Bre'Ann says:

    My name is Bre’Ann. i am 20 years old. back in otcober of 2011 i had a tubular (ectopic pregnancy where the fetus grows and develops in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus) i had bled out for 3 1/2 weeks then found out i was pregnant and lost the baby 2 days later. i had surgery because of it and now i only have 1 fallopian tube. i am 6 days late for my period to start. i am experiencing nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, tender and sore breasts, breasts have been increasing in size, constantly tired all the time, constipation, frequent migraines, certain smells of fragrance or food makes me want to vomit, seeing or hearing certain things makes me want to vomit, have lower back pain. i am experiencing all those things and i am concerned whether i could possibly be pregnant or not.


  4. Thanks for this site!

  5. Hi I’m 5 days late for my period and have had a major headache for 3 days now n feeling like I am going to throw up help

  6. I am 38 and have had my tubes tied for 14 years, now my period is late, I am having some nausea feeling, and back pain. Can I be pregnant?

  7. I like dis page it really help me when I have quiz

    • I have a five years old girl and I need another child who is not coming my menses comes three days in a month is it possible for me to become pregnant, what do I do?

  8. My last period was feb 16 2016 and i surpose to see my next period this month 17 but i did not see my period up till now ,i used home test pregnancy on the 20 feb it was negative ‘i also want to the hospital dat same day for a blood test same negative ‘since dat last time of test i did not do any test again since it was negative ‘today is 23 feb the period has not still come and i fer pains under my lower adomen and my breast too,what should i do next.

  9. Pradhivya says:

    Hi.. my first day of last period was 28th April 2016. had unprotected sex with my husband every weekend especially on 13 and 14 of may which days are due date of ovulation. now i am 7 days late, feeling nausea and vomiting sensation, lower back pain sometimes.. for the past two days having constant some kind of unusual feeling in the left side lower abdomen. i didn’t take any pregnancy test yet. what should i do?


  11. Lucy mugeha says:

    I am 24yrs old I have dated my fiance for three years now I used to have an implant before I dated him but now I have removed it this year 2017 on tenth march since then I have not seen my periods the last time I saw my periods was on February and it was a dot then it disappeared since then not yet up to now and I really need a child please help me

  12. KellyKay says:

    Hi. I and my s/o are trying to have a baby. I was ovulating at the time. I was to have my period the 30th of April, spotted abt two days before, took a preg test that day bc I was anxious, it was negative. Still no period. Headache, cramp in breasts, has on n off lower back pain, slight queeziness in stomach… Am I preg? Oh… Drowzy and really dizzy most times…

  13. Hi I have 5 years old baby girl .and me n partner been trying for so so long and my period was supposed to coming on the 4th off july n now is the 10th I’ve had all the pregnancy sign but I’ve been having migraines for two days straight can someone help me please ..I took a pregnancy test at home it was positive but was negative at the clinic so I am abit confused

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