Negative Pregnancy Test But Feel Like I’m Pregnant

Katie (age 23) writes, “hi i need to know if i am pregnant see my periods are all over the place but i have been feeling sick did a test 3 weeks ago and it say neg but i am still feeling sick and need so much sleep and always going the loo does this mean i am preganant and i am also gaining weight

Dear Katie,

Your symptoms could indicate that you are pregnant, though they could also indicate a  number of other things (including that you were just sick). If  you could please respond by leaving a comment below with the following information, I’ll be able to better  help you:

  • when was your last period?
  • are you on any form of birth control?
  • take another pregnancy test and let me know the results of this recent one




  1. mamngwevu says:

    Hi i did my pregnancy test 3 times, results negative but i feel so tired and vomiting sometimes, still waiting for my periods to come.

    please help

  2. i’m late, i’ve had spotting, vomitting, fatigue, lower back pain, sore breast, but i took a test today and it said negative. i still feel like i’m pregnant and don’t know what to do cause i’m only 16. please help

  3. sulekha says:

    today i took pregnancy is nagitive but i feel very tired and sickness .please tell me about this.

    • Dear Sulekha,

      When was your last period? Are you trying to become pregnant? Are you having regular, unprotected sex?


  4. i am 4 days late i have never been late and i toke a pregnanty teat and it showed no but i toke it about noon if i am not prago why do i feel this way in not on birth control and my last peried was last month between the 13th to the 17th

  5. Have been feeling really strange since the end of my last period and I have dz pains on my breast it comes and goes always feeling tired and I had unprotected sex at the end of my period till the end of my ovulation could I be pregnant? Please help

  6. Ayuba fidaus says:

    Having be felling like preg but the period came

  7. I went to spend some days with my husband but since I return back I have been seeing my period but since then am noticing some changes but I went for test it was negative pls is there any other test I can my stomach is increasing in size and am have pains in my navel

  8. Please help me..I missed my period by 17 days.. feeling dizzy,stomuck pain..two negative home tests.. feeling like a pregnant ,my last period date is 23_10_2016,i m tensed and waiting for my I need to consult a doctor now or not please guide me.. this is first time I late my period by 17 days

  9. My periods are irregular usually around every 45-60 days it has been 65 days since last one me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant very regular unprotected sex I do ovulation tests and make sure we know when I’m most fertile. I have done 2 negative pregnancy tests this weeks but have been very nauseas especially after food I keep getting light headed my nipples are so painful to touch could the tests be wrong

  10. Hi Hannah my name is PROFIT, please my mensuration cam out on the 8th of may 2018 and flow for 4days and came out again on the 31 of may, this one flow for 6days and i had sex on the 14, 15 and 17. Now am seeing brownish color like blood and since on Saturday I have being feeling some how and I check with test trip it showed me negative.bpls what could that be thank you

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