Took Escapelle, Now Sore Nipples, Frequent Urination & Nausea

Nisa writes: Hi Hannah. My last period began on the 11th december I had sex on the 18th of december and the condom broke and my partner ejaculated in me. Within 2 hours I took the morning after pill but because it was my first time taking the pill I did not insert it properly and pieces released it self I than went back to the pharmacy and they told me to take another dose 4 hours later which I did.( Both pills within 6 hrs after sex).

On the 25th I started bleeding heavy for 4 days (just like my period). It is now the 31 of jan and I still have not got my period. To date I have taken several HPT’s which were all negative. I had sore nipples for few days a week back and some days I have frequent urination. In the evenings I feel nauseas but the feeling quickly subsides.

What are my chances of been pregnant? When should I test again? Please advise me on all the above mentioned issues and questions thanks

Re: Pregnancy Type Symptoms after Taking Plan B One Step Twice

Gosh u just described me plan B *2 only I took two doses within 6 hours after the condom broke. But I have the exact same symptoms and I am patiently awaiting my period, although I can’t help but fear that I may be pregnant. The tiredness and breast growth is the worst.

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Dear Nisa,

Thanks for your persistence :) Before I can really tackle any part of your question, I need to clarify something. You said you did not “insert” the pill properly. Could you please tell me what kind of pill it was (preferably brand name or main ingredient)?



  1. I am in a quandary. MY last period ended on the 5th of may and I had sex a day before and took the escapelle pill on the same day. I am still waiting for my period is come and I am a few days late. Can one still fall pregnant when one is on their period and take a mornin after pill on the same day ? Is it the pill that has messed up my cycle?

  2. simoné says:

    Hello hannah

    Okay so I’m freaked out. Ever since last year I had a hole irregular period sotry I would sometimes skip 3months and then bleed the next month but it would be so heavy and painful… Anyway I was put on the pill for about 3months starting 16th nov 2011 till about feb 2012…. Nov period was from 13-21, Jan on the 5-10 Feb was 1-6, March period started on the 7th till about the 13th… April I had sex on the 8th the condom broke… I was only able to take escapelle on the 10th I had a period on the 16th May I spotted from thr 23-25th I took a HPT on the 10th june it came out negative.. Its june and I havnt had a sign of periods only PMS… Is this normal? Could I b pregnant?

  3. hi while me n ma bd were busy the condom broke n he fully ejuculated in me then i took ascapelle after 43 hours and i waa expecting my periodd within tht 43hr bt still nothin could i be pregnant

  4. pearlygate says:

    hi I had sex on the 28 of December probably my ovulating day he ejaculated in me the next day I took the escapelle on empty stomach January 12 my periods came but lasted two days and were brown in colour what could this mean plz help

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