Negative Pregnancy Test Results but Actually Pregnant

Jessica (26) writes: Two years ago I was pregnant; however, before i found out, i had missed my period two months in a row and went to the doctors, took home pregnancy test, and they all came out negative.

Not until my third month, missing my period, I went to the doctors again and had blood work done and indeed i was pregnant; however, a week later I had a miscarrage at 3 1/2 months pregnant. But to me I only knew about the pregnancy for a week.

Now again two years later I am missing my period. This time it has been 43 days since my last period and all Home pregnancy test are coming out negative? What do i do? I don’t want to wait 3 months to find out again, and it be too late. And why is it that my body doesn’t show i am pregnant until it’s too late ?

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Dear Jessica,

Wow … good question. Some of the things that pass my mind regarding your incident two years ago are as follows:

1) were the pregnancy tests all from the same batch (i.e. a flawed batch) and from the same company?
2) what brand of pregnancy test did you use?
3) there may be a connection between a lower level of hCG detectable and the miscarriage you had (anybody more knowledgeable than I want to chime in?)

As far as this time around, I would recommend you buy a very sensitive pregnancy test. You’ll want to Google “10 miu pregnancy test.” Some pregnancy tests need higher levels of hCG in order to register a positive (some require 20 or 25 miu).

I’m sorry I’m not able to be of too much help! I’ve chewed over this one for a while.

Best luck,


  1. Duchess adenike says:

    I saw my period on the 7th of July 2016, but up to this month my period didn’t come and ave try home pregnancy test with “PT” but still negative wat do I do

  2. I just lost my baby on the 17/12/2016 and i was bleeding at the same time and now um pregant again about 6weeks i think

  3. If I am pregnant

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