Age 16, No Period after Morning After Pills

hello hannah,

i have a major question. am scared because i took two morning after pills with in one month.

i had two short periods; the first was june 12 to 16 when i took the pill may 28 then took another pill the 17 after i had sex with my boyfriend

note that all the time we have done it we have use condoms

well back after i took the pill the 17 of june, i got my period on july 8 and it stop on the 14. since then i havent got my period and its september 12, i also have taken about 10 pregnacy test all negative.

what do you think? please help

annie (age 16)


  1. Dear Annie,

    Most likely (I’d say 99% chance) it’s just the morning after pills messing with your regular cycle. It’s pretty typical for them to make your period late or even make you skip your next period completely. Keep in mind that most morning after pills are a huge dosage of the same hormones found in the daily birth control pills. When you take the morning after pills, it’s almost like having a drill sergeant tell your body to “do this” and “not that.” As a result, it throws your body into a whirl, and, a frequent side effect is your next period either coming later or else expressing itself very lightly or with barely a whimper.


  2. Hi Hanna, I just had my period on September 4th 2010. My periods use to come every other month before I had a miscarriage in May, since then theyve been every month. It’s October 7th and I have not gotten my period. I have alot of pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, sore breast, pain on left lower abdomen, tired more than usual, and cranky. I took a pregnancy test on October 1st because I felt pregnant but it came back negative. Im not sure if I should wait it out more or take nother test now. Can you give me some advice. Thanks

  3. Dear Annie I’m pregnant at 11 and I’m afraid if I tell my parents they will yell at me and how can I tell them what should I do? From Felicia

  4. Dear Hannah I ment

  5. Dear Felicia,

    How do you know you’re pregnant? Have you taken a home pregnancy test and it was positive? Be sure to carefully follow the directions with any home pregnancy test as some will only give you accurate results within a couple minutes of taking the test. Some pregnancy tests will give you a positive pregnancy indication (i.e. a second line) if they sit out for too long because the second line is actually a urine line. You might want to take a second home pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. If that one comes back positive, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you know how to break the news.

    Good luck,

  6. Dear hannah,

    Hello,me and my girlfriend had unprotected intercourse and im sure i did not ejaculate inside.. can my girlfriend be pregnant if she took the Morning After Pill after having intercourse 11 hours later? and does levonorgestrel stop pregnancy? and how effective it was? Today is the 6 day she took the pill, she’s having some brownish discharge and period pain, is that normal? could this be her period or something else? cause im really worried about your opinion, can my girlfriend still be pregnant after all? Thanks.

  7. Hi there, need to know if im pregnant and want to get pregnant, heres the facts –
    last period was 10th oct 2010.
    me and my fiance had unprotected sex pretty much every day that month, especially during ovulation (21-24th).
    Due day November 7th (now im 5days late)
    symptoms include –
    headaches, cramp, back ache, mood swings, sharp pains on my left side, constant hunger, congestion, urinating frequently, tiredness, trouble sleeping, dizzy spells.
    All these signs point towards me being pregnant, however i did a test 2days ago (3days after my due day) and it was negative, i had taken 2 other tests before that and they were negative too.
    what are the chances of me being pregnant? please help, im worried if im not pregnant it could be something else…. Thank you

  8. Dear Hannah,

    The first day of my period came on October 18/19, I cant quite remember. But I was finished on the Saturday of 23. I had several unprotected sex encounters on October 30 and October 31 (with man 1), and again on November 5 (with man 2). Its now November 18 and I haven’t got my period yet. I am 20 years old in my first semester of college and I don’t know what to do. I have no money to buy a pregnancy test and I can’t tell my family because I’m too scared. Is their a chance I could be pregnant?

    Lately, I have been a little more tired, a little more hungry, dizzy, but I’m not sure if they are symptons or if I’m just noticing my usual behaviour more because I think I might be pregnant.

  9. Why the hell are all these kids having sex?! At age 11, 13 even 17 years old is far too young. If you were to get pregnant at such a young age not only is your body and kind unable to deal with being pregnant, but as felicia said what are your parents going to say when their baby is having a baby? I didn’t have sex until I was 19 and used a condom every time, at 23 now as much as I would live to have a child to care for and live i know it would be extremely difficult. I already work 2 jobs and have a puppy I’m responsible for even while I’m working 10 hour days; how are you as a pre-teen/teenager going to afford to raise a child and finish school? You are not responsible enough to be held accountable for another life, so just don’t do it.

  10. Dear Hannah,
    I’ve been getting my period since i was 14, and i am now 18. but recently in oct. 2009 i had a baby. after i had her i had the normal bleeding, then i didnt get my period for about 6/7 months after that. It still is irregular, like i sometimes skip a month, or it lasts for 2-3 weeks.

    i will bleed for up to 3 weeks at a time. this worries me a lot. please if you can help in any way, it will be appreciated.

  11. Dear Hannah,
    I’m Kind of worried, Had sex on september 26, got my period on October before the 10th, Had no sex all of october but didn’t get my period on november, pregnant?

  12. Hi Hannah,

    I am 17 and anxious. The first day of my last period was on the 11th of December.
    My boyfriend and i had several acts of sexual intercourse that month including days of ovulation. My period is due tomorrow, i usually get pre-period pains but i am experiencing none.
    These are my current symptoms:
    Back ache
    Spotting (around 7 dpo)
    Constipation and Diarrhea
    Head ache
    Slight feeling in my abdomen
    Constant hunger, feeling for chicken wings (don’t normally like them)
    Does it sound like i could be pregnant?

  13. Dear Hannah,
    Soo I’ve been extermly stressed the past week. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the first time monday and then 55 hrs later i took the next choice pill. My period was due about 3 days ago (today is friday) and I’m really worried i might be pregnant. I’ve been unable to sleep and it seems to be all i think about all day.i do do realize i made a really ignorant decision for a 16 year old and i do regret it but i am truly worried. Plus i know my family would basically disown me if i ever told them i needed an abortion pill. I’d basically never be alloud out of the house again.I really have learned my lesson and would really appreiciate if you could tell me the probabilities that i am.

  14. im 19 years old..i think i maybe pregnant..and im so scared to tell my mom and step dad..
    i have bad headaches, lower back pain, fatigue, dizzy spells, and sharp pains like im gonna start my period..but i have started yet..but its not time for me to start..
    i just wanna know if any of you guys could tell me if im pregnant or not??
    i really need the help to see if i am..and if i gonna have to tell my mom even though im scared.but she told me she would love me no matter if i get pregnant..and she said she would help me out..cause i told the guy that i might be pregnant..and he just ran off.and i have not heard from him in like 4 i really need to know..
    and if you do reply.thanks for helpin me out.and i trully mean that.

  15. I missed my period twice…took 3 tests and they all came back negative…ion know wt too do it may be stress but im unsure

  16. So Basicly all this month I’ve been having unprotected sex but I’m on the pill and I’ve been taking the pill for 2 years now… I kinda messed them up this month and took more than what I was meant To.. last thursday I was meant to have my period and nothing happened soo I had protected sex with my other half tuesday night and I took the pill. Still no period and I’m kinda worring cause I don’t want kids.

  17. I had unprotected sex last month april took the plan b 3 hours after about a week later i had unprotected sex again and took the pill a day after.
    My period was due May the 3rd we are on the 16th and still no period
    Ive taken 2 at home tests i made sure i got the good brand but both say negative .
    Im freaking out like crazy
    Any answers please?

  18. Kristy says:

    Some one please help
    Long story we had sex 30th of jan the condom broke took the morning after pill 12 hours after sex then feb march had my period off date and lite different so I took pregancy test 15 of march 2 of April and 9 of April all neg does the pill really mess up your period or could I be pregnant thank u

  19. So I had sex 3 weeks ago and used a condom and he pulled out. I haven’t had by period since the end of April beginning of May and I am already irregular. I just noticed this week that I thought I gained weight by looking in the mirror I looked different but when I weighed my self on the scale it says that I actually lost weight. Does this still mean I could possibly be pregnant?

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