No Symptoms after Taking the Morning after Pill

cute brunetteHi Hannah,

I had unprotected sex three days ago, and went to get the morning after pill in the morning. I know the quicker you take it the more effective it is – and I took it as soon as was possible after having sex. But, I have had no spotting, no period, and no reaction and I am getting very worried that I might be pregnant? Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

Constance (20)

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Dear Constance,

So, if I read you correctly, you took the morning after pill the morning after you had sex (perhaps a 12 hour delay)? You should be fine. When taken that quickly, it tends to be 95% effective. However, it’s always safest to take a pregnancy test to be sure. You’ll want to wait until your next period should come to take the pregnancy test; I’d recommend to wait until your next period should have ended (assuming it doesn’t come on time).

As far as symptoms from taking the morning after pill, it sounds like you are the dream recipient! At least, from the perspective of the companies which make the pills. Not having any symptoms is a good thing. There is nothing to be worried from that. Many girls take Plan B or Next Choice and experience hardly a thing. Usually those who do experience side effects are the ones most worried!

Do note that the morning after pill may cause your next expected period to be late or or early or skipped altogether. Or, your next period may come right on time.

Best luck!


  1. lore coria says:

    I was having sex yesterday night and the condom broke and we went to buy the morning after pill right away . I took it and hour after but I’m not having any of the symptoms.
    Do you think it didn’t work ? I’m freaking out

  2. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the first time ever and he let lose inside of me…I got the morning after pill nine hours later from costed me fifty bucks but I cant afford a fourth child..I had no side effects after taking the pill..what does that mean???!I’m so worried

  3. Since I had an evacuation in Jan 2nd week I have not seen my period could I b pregnant

  4. Hi I took the pill on Sunday afternoon after i had unprotected sex on Saturday 2 days later I feel dizzy I have a headache and I’m throwing up what may be the cause please help

  5. I have sex on Sunday afternoon at 15:45and the condom bursted, I took morning after pill on Monday at 9:54, the length I’d within 19hours , and my calendar shows that I had ovulated, am afraid if the morning after pill will work for me

  6. Jonnequa says:

    I had unprotected sex 4 days ago now and I waited to take my plan b this morning, could I be pregnant? Is implantation or conception already taken place?

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